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ADDASOUND is a global top manufacturer and provider of wearable intelligent voice and unified communication devices.

The founder of ADDASOUND is a reputable Danish team with strong expertise in electro-acoustics, whose members built international reputation through developing and designing many award winning products.

Our products target users from different customer groups, such as office, education, mobile, car, medical cares, etc. We strive to cater all your needs.

Solutions certified to work with all major Unified Communications platforms and telephony systems.

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Call Centre

Crystal 2701 & 2702

Crystal 2801 & 2802

Crystal 2821 & 2822

Crystal 2871 & 2872

Addasound_Crystal SR 2822
Addasound_Crystal SR 2821
Addasound_Crystal SR 2802
Addasound_Crystal SR 2801

Office & Mobile Worker


Addasound_Elite Bluetooth_Gold
Addasound_Elite Bluetooth_Grey