What You Need To Know

Asure Software helps approximately 7,000 worldwide clients prepare their workplaces for today’s workforce- and the workforce of the future.


Asure was founded on the premise - and the promise - that providing exceptional facility management tools can increase workplace productivity. They deliver on this promise every day by equipping customers with an innovative suite of solutions which range from HCM workforce management solutions, time and attendance to workspace asset optimization and meeting room management solutions, cloud-based time & labor management and workspace management software solutions that take integral business processes to the next level.

Conference Room Scheduling Software


In the case of managing shared real estate and other corporate assets, efficiency is vital to success. Without it, productivity suffers, processes are compromised and ultimately, costs rise. Asure's conference room scheduling software can help you achieve your efficiency goals when it comes to reducing manual processes, increasing productivity, enabling workflows and meeting the needs of your mobile workforce.

Hotelling & Agile Workforce Management


Office hoteling and telecommuting programs offer the perfect balance of employee flexibility and cost efficiency. Whether you are implementing a telecommuting program, developing an agile workplace, or deploying a hoteling program, the key to success lies in proper implementation and management.

Workspace Management Solutions


Full Service Meeting Room


Meeting room scheduling has never been simpler.
Schedule the rooms, resources and services you need, quickly and easily. Better manage last minute changes, keeping your cool with information at the ready.
Whether you need to schedule hundreds of rooms and thousands of desks or a few meeting rooms and a handful of desks, we can help.

Hotelling & Mobile Workforce


Align your workspace with your mobile workforce and corporate culture.
Office hoteling and mobile workforce programs offer the perfect balance of employee flexibility and cost efficiency. Whether your corporate culture includes a mobile workforce or you are introducing a new hoteling program, the key to success lies in proper implementation of user friendly tools and focus on employee change management.