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What You Need To Know

Buzzbox is your PABX in the cloud. Why not have a professional office number than can route to you no matter where you are in the world? No roaming charges, no bill shock and no nonsense! Better yet, you’ll have access to a dedicated dashboard where you can monitor usage and manage every aspect of your Buzzbox account.

With Buzzbox, there is no need for expensive hardware, everything can be managed from a smartphone app or your online dashboard. This includes audio greetings, call routing and setting up office hours.

Cloud PBX Solution


100% hosted - no hardware. Setup in minutes. Free Android & IOS apps. Self-service analytics. User configurable IVR. Queuing and hunting groups. Personalise music on hold. Free business phone number. Remote user limiting. Contact list management. Free calls to Buzzbox. By extension usage reports. Voice recording R1.80 per GB. Number porting for R135. Block number porting.

Contact Centre Solution


100% hosted - no hardware. Setup in hours. Progressive dialer. Real-time wallboard. Auto dialer, integrated IVR. Preview dialling. Voice blast. Dialer on demand. CRM & ERP integration. Custom API integration. Campaign management. Campaign budget (alerts). Inbound overflow manage. Geographic and agent analytics. Voice recording R1.80 per GB.


Use your smartphone, bring your own device or have a look at the following options. PBX work with any standard SIP phone. Add a headset to your phone or use with the softphone on your PC. Our free app turns your smartphone into your office phone.

Call Forwarding


Have an employee without and Android or IOS device? No problem. Unanswered calls can be forwarded to another Buzzbox number or to a cell phone (forwarded call will be billed for).

Online Setup


A first in South Africa. You can sign up with all KYC requirements online and be up and running within 5 minutes anytime, anywhere. No phoning or interacting with anyone.

Multiple Extentions


Have a company of 20 people but only need 5 individual phone numbers? No problem. Each person can have their own extension which is all managed simply through our online portal.

Call Rates

The prices your see are the prices you will pay. No surprises except the nice ones. The below rates are exclusive of VAT.

South African Landline Calls are 35c per minute (billed per second). Mobile calls are 69c per minute (billed per second). Buzzbox calls are free. International calls are as per our rate card (upon request).

No New Hardware


Our PABX is controlled in the Cloud. No expensive hardware necessary. All our plans are month to month, so you can cancel at any time.

Free Voicemail Setup


Each employee/extension can setup and change their own voicemail whenever and wherever they want to. Just dial "111" from your extension and follow the voice prompts.

Real Time Billing


You can view your balance online and in real-time allowing for no bill shock.