What You Need To Know

Founded in 2015 by people with solid experience in video conferencing systems, Huddle Room Technology (HRT) is a young European company who designs and develops products to support team collaboration and communication inside and outside huddle rooms. HRT markets its technology all over the world and has operational and commercial offices in Italy and in the United States.

Huddle Hub is an innovative Wireless Presentation System that combines the traditional presentation to the meeting room screen with the ability to send the presentation directly to the screens of other devices. It also allows a presenter's computer to wirelessly connect room webcams and microphones for video conferencing. Huddle Hub is the only system that lets you achieve a total wireless experience.

Up to 4 Sessions with a Single Unit


Thanks to its unique architecture, Huddle Hub is the only multi-room wireless presentation system that offers four concurrent and independent sessions. The “4-in-1” feature makes Huddle Hub the most flexible and cost-effective solution on the market.

All Personal Devices can Present & Receive


Through Huddle Hub any laptop, tablet or mobile can send or receive a presentation. This improves collaboration when sitting or standing away from the room display and makes it possible when there is no display at all. Any space becomes a “virtual huddle room”.

Enable any Display to Receive


Every TV in the company can be enabled to receive a presentation. The free software client can be installed on any meeting room computer, Android TV, or standard HDMI TV equipped with an Android dongle. No more need for a wireless presentation system in every room.

Turn your Webcam into a Wireless Camera

Connect the meeting room USB camera to Huddle Hub and enable any participant to wirelessly receive its AV streams for a videoconference session. Huddle Hub supports most UC software and video conferencing platforms.

Featured Products


HRT Huddle Hub One

HRT Huddle Hub One is a fully equipped wireless presentation system with many unique and unprecedented features. Like most wireless presentation systems, it allows the screen of your computer or mobile device to be presented on your room large TV, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable.
Uniquely, with Huddle Hub One you can send and receive presentations directly on the screen of meeting participants computers and mobile devices, enable any space of your company to be use for collaboration: huddle rooms, offices, even lounges.
HRT Huddle Hub One+

HRT Huddle Hub One+

HRT Huddle Hub One+ offers the same core features, connection ports and mode of operation as the Huddle Hub One but in addition offers an onboard wireless module that works as a WIFI access point and allows a direct connection from the devices. This is especially useful to create a dual network mode for Guest secure collaboration.

One+ allows for up to 4 concurrent and independent sessions, each with up to 150 participants. Huddle Hub “rooms” can be reserved for physical spaces, allocated to specific meeting areas. Or they can be assigned to organizational units, such as company departments, workgroups, projects, or even a single user.