Asure Software's Workspace Management Business is now part FM:Systems and the world of iWMS

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Asure Software, the leading provider of dynamic cloud-based solutions that elevate how, when and where work gets done, announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its Workspace Management business to FM:Systems.

This transaction enables Asure to focus on and continue to deliver its award- winning Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions to small and midsize businesses. The sale of the Workspace Management business provides both Asure Software and FM:Systems with immediate opportunities to focus on key strategies and scale their respective businesses.

What will change for me as a Kathea and Workspace Management customer?

  • Kathea has transitioned its contract (unchanged) from Asure to FM:Systems.

  • You have peace-of-mind that you remain supported by Kathea as your regional representative and subject matter expert.

  • All AsureSpace relevant employees, products and services will be joining the FM:Systems team so the OEM engagement / support is uninterrupted.

  • You will benefit from the FM:Systems IWMS lines of business where applicable.



Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our Workspace Management Solutions!

Johan van Niekerk, Business Unit Manager for Workspace Management

011 844 9939 / 074 456 3280

Naomi Brett, Senior Account Manager for Workspace Management

011 844 9940 / 083 645 3243

Workspace Quoting Desk

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