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CTOUCH has 6 Tips for Working Safely with a Touchscreen

For many companies, the focus is currently on creating a safe home working environment, which is understandable. But it is also important to think about how you can work safely post-COVID and how to handle your company information in a safe way. The pandemic has opened the eyes of many companies and IT managers on this issue. In the future workplace, there will be a lot of remote working as well as office work. And this mix of interactive collaboration requires smart solutions that ensure that we can work together safely in the new normal.

Safe & Secure Meetings? Check Out these Tips

At CTOUCH, they focus on creating safe and secure meetings. Both online and offline. A touchscreen is an essential tool in the world of hybrid working. Not only to make remote collaboration possible, but also to make it easy and to keep distributed teams together.

Do you use touchscreens and digital whiteboards in your company? Or do you regularly attend remote meetings? Then check out these 6 tips to make your meetings even safer.

Download this infographic and send it to you colleagues and clients. Because a safe working environment is something you create together!

Working Safely all the way to the Conference Room

In today's digital world, where organisations use more and more technology and we are increasingly connected with each other, companies have a responsibility to minimise digital risks. CTOUCH products are designed to keep the risk of unwanted access as low as possible. We take care of digital safety barriers and make sure these are frequently updated to provide that safe and secure working environment.

The CTOUCH Canvas is designed with security in mind. That is why this touchscreen has no operating system. So as a user, in a moment of thoughtlessness, you can't even make the mistake of storing sensitive information. Or installing an unapproved app. Viruses are no match either, as they simply can’t take hold. Additional security is provided by the ability to lock data ports, work without a network and use PINs and fingerprint scans to gain access or lock a screen.

Time for a revolution in safe and secure meetings!


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