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How To Create And Implement The Systems For Remote Work

For organizations that aren’t used to having dispersed teams, it can be a major disruption. Here are the things you need to think about at a company level to successfully manage distributed virtual organizations.

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1. Make sure it comes from the top

Remote working brings about a lot of change, and needs to be bought into and practiced by both the CEO and the C-Suite. Make sure your executives are getting the right coaching and leading by example.

2. Enable teams with a digital and fully virtual workspace

Designate productivity, meeting and collaboration applications with your IT teams. With a cloud foundation in place and a closely monitored network, make sure that teams can access shared files and storage, as well as workflow management tools, and communications platforms.

3. Set up your technology tools

In addition to having software and digital platforms, make sure your employees have professional audio and video devices to connect with their colleagues, and any other hardware to effectively communicate from home.

4. Mandate a video-first culture

Turning on video in a home space can be daunting, and often no one wants to be the first. Video accelerates trust and communication and allows for shorter meeting times, and with background blur or customization options, employees can feel comfortable controlling whether their dogs, children or artwork make the final cut in a team meeting.

5. Convert implicit information efficiently to explicit knowledge in virtual teams

Often, a lot of the information that forms the foundation of fluid day-to-day operations is unspoken or implicit, and learned in an office environment. Create a guide to these unspoken social codes that blankets all employees.

  • With your HR functions, delineate clear results-based expectations of performance measures for remote workers.

  • Draw up clear behavioral norms and expectations, such as activity and work hours, and use these as a benchmark against which employees can work and be measured.

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