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How To Make Virtual Meetings a Success?

Kathea: How To Make Virtual Meetings a Success?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people have been working from home overnight. For many it takes some getting used to, but it also has its advantages. You don't have to travel as much and you can just dial into meetings from home. Super easy, right? Well… not always. Sometimes it’s quite a hassle to participate in such a meeting. Your colleagues hear you, but you don't hear them. And how do you get that camera working again? Who’s not been there: an error message because your software is not up to date. Before you know it, it takes you 10 minutes of your time.

Sounds familiar? Check out the do's & don'ts of virtual meetings below. This way you can put an end to the jumble of questions and organise virtual meetings much more efficiently.


1. Make sure your equipment is working It's one of the biggest threats to your productivity: equipment that doesn’t work. Efficient virtual meetings are simple and minimalistic. Who wants to check cameras, microphones or software extensively in advance? Right, no one. Make sure your equipment is working properly before you go into the meeting.

2. Use video An advantage of videoconferencing is that you can see the facial expressions of your colleagues. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But most of all, it's very convenient. Because you gauge each other's reactions and emotions, you react more spontaneously and more actively. This makes your meeting much more productive.

3. Have a break, have a coffee Did you know that after 20 minutes you have to make a lot more effort to concentrate? Above all, don't feel guilty. Everyone has, according to research. Take a break now and then. This way everyone stays focused and alert. And participate more actively in a meeting. Did you know that 68% of people feel more productive after a cup of coffee? Isn't that a good thing?

Fun fact: did you know you can change your background during a video call? Quite handy because then you don't have to clean up the mess behind you. If you use Zoom, for example, then this has been possible for a while. Since this week you can also do this in Microsoft Teams. A background brings your meetings to life and guarantees a lot of fun! Don’t forget to think in advance which background is appropriate for your call… 😉

Kathea: How to make virtual meetings a success?


1. Multitasking No less than 70% of the people is multitasking during a video call. Wow. It's tempting to quickly answer that one email or make an appointment for the dentist. Don't do that. Research shows over and over again that people can't multitask efficiently. If you're trying to do it, it takes twice as long to complete a task. You also make more mistakes.

2. Going off topic As a participant you need to pay attention during a video call so that you receive as much information as possible. However, it is also up to the others to keep you focused. So make sure there are as few distractions as possible. Keep it relevant and stick to the topic.

3. Noisy location Participating in a call from a noisy location is a real no-go. Too much background noise is one of the biggest disturbances in virtual meetings. In no less than 80% of cases with background noise, productivity is reduced. Of course, this also affects the efficiency of a virtual meeting. Call in from a quiet location, so that you can understand each other well. Say what?

Quite good actually, those virtual meetings

If you do it right, virtual meetings are a great tool for collaboration. With the tips & tricks above, you're well on your way. Wondering how CTOUCH can help you to make your meetings even more efficient and productive? Also when we all get to go back to the office again? Feel free to contact the Kathea Team.

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