HRT partners with Kathea for distribution in South Africa

Huddle Room Technology, provider of the most innovative Wireless Presentation Systems, proudly announces the appointment of Kathea as its Exclusive Distributor in South Africa.

HRT is the maker of Huddle Hub One, the first multi-session wireless presentation system in the Industry supporting up to 4 concurrent sessions on the same hardware. The Huddle Hub One supports both legacy-style (device to display) for traditional meeting rooms use and an unprecedented BYOD scenario (device to device) for use in any physical space of the corporate building including lobbies, lounges and open spaces.

Beyond enhancing the traditional presentation experience, lowering the cost per concurrent session and unleashing the power of collaboration in more suitable spaces, HHO offers a unique opportunity for seamless videoconferencing integration. A new feature “Wireless AV” introduces the concept of “zero-cables design” to define a collaboration space where both the audio and video of a VC session are connected wirelessly from USB cameras or all in one video soundbar systems, an industry first.

Huddle Hub One

  • Wireless Presentation

  • Wireless Webcam

  • Device-to-Device Presentation

  • Multi-Room

Huddle Hub One+

  • Wireless Presentation

  • Wireless Webcam

  • Device-to-Device Presentation

  • Multi-Room

  • Dual Network

What makes Huddle Hub a most powerful tool for Team Collaboration?

One Hub, Multiple Rooms Huddle Hub is the only multi-room wireless presentation system, offering concurrent and independent sessions.

Follow the presentation on your device Through Huddle Hub any laptop, tablet or mobile can send or receive a presentation.

Present on more than one screen With the Android TV app any compatible TV can display the presented content

Turn your webcam into a wireless camera Clean the room from any cables, room PC or accessories. You just need your laptop and your videoconference account.

- Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on HRT Solutions!

Deepak Nathoo

Video Product Specialist

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