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Modular Video Solutions for Polycom Trio and Group Series

Kathea is thrilled to introduce the breakthrough integration that positions the Polycom Trio as the collaboration hub of Polycom’s new modular smart conferencing solutions.

Marrying Polycom’s legendary voice quality with powerful video and content performance, the Polycom Trio is now able to easily transform conference rooms of all sizes- from huddle rooms to mid-size teaming spaces to large conference rooms – into collaborative, hassle-free team environments.

Existing Polycom Trio Solutions

In recent years, the Polycom Trio has been upgraded from a simple conference phone offering exceptional audio quality, into an integrated and cost-effective audio, content and video solution for small to medium-sized rooms.

1. Polycom Trio is the smartphone for your modern conference rooms of any size.

2. Polycom Trio and Visual +

is designed for all room sizes for speaker phone and local presentation capability leveraging Trio’s various content sharing platforms.

3. Polycom Trio, Visual + and USB Camera

is designed for small to medium sized rooms, with USB camera options, a single display and Ethernet-based connectivity for clean room cabling.

Newly Launched Polycom Trio Solutions

Pairing the Polycom Trio with the new Polycom ViSual Pro – also known as the RealPresence Group Series - will allow you to make calls, share content, and perform all other meeting activities through the Trio, adding new features such as more camera options, dual monitors, the ability to use the Group Series system table and ceiling microphones, content sharing through HDMI or VGA, as well as sending video-based screen sharing content in Skype for Business environments.

4. Polycom Trio and ViSual Pro

flexibility in small, medium to large spaces, with powerful camera options including automatic tracking, dual monitor support, content sharing flexibility and optional ceiling microphones.

5. Polycom Trio, ViSual Pro and Pano

will add advanced content sharing capability to the solution with 4 simultaneous content streams to be shared in and out of a call leveraging Polycom Pano capabilities to a single cohesive solution.

What problems is Polycom solving?

  • Consistent user experience across all types of calls and meetings

  • More robust enterprise-grade video experiences for Trio

  • The start of a more modular architecture for Polycom group endpoints, enabling customers to deploy just what is needed for any type of meeting room in a way that is simple to deploy and easy and consistent for users.

“I see all too often how users tend to avoid video conferencing when it appears to be complicated or too difficult to use. What’s great about these new solutions is that they deliver one consistent and easy to use interface to every room so users don’t need to learn something new every time. Knowing how to quickly get a meeting started and feeling confident that the technology will perform every time will increase user adoption and ultimately drive success.” - Deepak Nathoo, Video Product Specialist, Kathea



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