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Review: Jabra Panacast - Intelligent 4K Plug-and-Play Video

Review: Jabra Panacast - Intelligent 4K Plug-and-Play Video

Accessing exceptional-quality video conferencing shouldn’t be a hassle in today’s fast-paced business environment. Companies need to be able to set up and launch immersive conferencing environments in seconds, helping them to connect with contractors, employees, and clients around the globe. In a world where everything is agile, the traditional boardroom is quickly being replaced with more dynamic huddle room spaces, ideal for quick plug-and-play technology.

However, up until now, it’s been difficult for businesses to get the perfect combination of high-quality intelligent technology and simplicity in a huddle room space. Fortunately, the Jabra PanaCast camera is here to solve that problem.

This unique digital meeting device was created to improve meetings in smaller spaces with enterprise-class cameras and immersive video stitching for an unbeatable 180-degree view. Here’s what you need to know about the Jabra Panacast.

Jabra Panacast Review: Features

Small but mighty, the Jabra Panacast was created to be the world’s first smart 180-degree panoramic plug-and-play camera. This 4K video conferencing solution is brimming with intelligent technology to make your meetings more versatile, inclusive, and smart.

Review: Jabra Panacast - Intelligent 4K Plug-and-Play Video

For businesses that want the freedom of a smaller huddle room space, combined with all the functionality and capability of a larger boardroom, the Jabra PanaCast provides the best of both worlds, with a naturally broad view, and no unnecessary blind-spots. Features of the video solution include:

  • Compatibility with a range of audio conferencing solutions like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams

  • Intelligent video technology with a wide field of view to include every participant in the conversation.

  • Automatically and continuously optimised video quality in 4K format.

  • 3 13-megapixel cameras combined with real-time video stitching for better room coverage.

  • Jabra Speak audio included for rich and immersive conversations.

  • Intelligent collaboration with plug-and-play technology

  • A wide range of positioning options to suit your needs

  • Smart zoom and Vivid HDR supported in varying lighting conditions

  • Whiteboard functionality included to capture your notes in real-time

  • 180-degree video flip available if the device is installed upside down

Jabra Panacast Review: Benefits

Transform your huddle room experience with access to enterprise-quality audio and panoramic 4k video, combined into one easy-to-use package. The Jabra Panacast was created to give businesses everything they need for the small meeting room in one, with patented real-time video stitching, and the same exceptional Jabra voice quality that companies have come to know and love.

Review: Jabra Panacast - Intelligent 4K Plug-and-Play Video

Some of the most impressive benefits of the Jabra Panacast include:

  • Optimised video and intelligent zoom: The smart zoom feature on the Jabra Panacast ensures that you include everyone in the video field, while vivid HDR makes sure that the video quality remains strong in every lighting condition

  • Plug-and-play simplicity: Today’s businesses want access to the latest tools and functionality, without the complexity. Plug-and-play capability means that collaboration with a Jabra Panacast is quick and easy. All you need to do is link your camera to your computer or laptop, and you’re ready to start your meeting

  • Interoperability: Jabra knows how to play well with others in today’s evolving meeting room environment. The PanaCast solution works with all of the leading audio and video conferencing solutions on the market. It’s also certified for use with your collaboration tools like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams

  • Access to real-time data: Learn more about how your teams collaborate with access to real-time information and data through the Jabra PanaCast API. This helps companies to become more efficient by enabling the automation of workflows in the workplace and improving resource management. You can also boost your chances of better profitability through access to immersive big data

  • Intelligent technology: The intuitive camera technology in the Jabra Panacast detects all of the individual participants in your meeting room and optimises your zoom and field of view to keep everyone in the conversation. 180-degree coverage ensures a more natural view of the huddle room, and real-time video stitching helps to bring everything together

How to Buy the Jabra PanaCast

The Jabra PanaCast solution for huddle rooms is now available to buy from Kathea, if you are a reseller, and through our resellers if you are a consumer. You can contact our sales team to find out more about your options or get quotes for a unique meeting room strategy.

Finishing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable way to create a more immersive and intelligent huddle room experience for your employees, the Jabra PanaCast has you covered. Combining state-of-the-art video technology with plug-and-play simplicity, Jabra makes sure that businesses of any size can access the incredible video conversations that they need.


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