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Top 5 Poly G7500 Objections

1. I don't need to see others in conference at 4K.

You may not care about 4K people video, but everyone benefits at seeing content in the highest resolution possible. They will see the details they never knew existed.

2. I can purchase a content sharing device and low-priced video system.

By adding in multiple devices into a conference room, users must learn multiple interfaces increasing confusion and decreasing usage.

3. We don't have touch screens.

When touch screens are utilized for G7500, you do have an enhanced experience with electronic whiteboarding. However, the UI and content sharing experiences are still optimized, minus the whiteboarding, for non-touch screens.

4. Users don't want to share content from their personal device.

Industry statistics would disagree, with growth of personal devices growing at an exponential rate over the last few years and the market growth for wireless presentation

systems has grown by 3x in the last 3 years.

5. Would not having to run cables on or under the floor be helpful?

The G7500 has two distinct networks; one for users on the same network and one on a guest network. G7500 employs multiple security features and algorithms to keep

the data safe.

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