Vaddio's Next-Generation of Professional PTZ Cameras: RoboSHOT Elite Series

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RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras are outstanding HD-quality PTZ cameras offering 12x and 30x zoom, silky-smooth motor movement, incredible contrast and sharp 1080p/60 video. No matter where they’re used – university lecture halls, houses of worship, government chambers, corporate meeting rooms and beyond, RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras promise truly brilliant HD video footage for streaming and recording.

Advanced Features with HD Image Quality

IntelliZoom Image Processing

Most digital zooms use electronic cropping to get closer to the subject, resulting in fuzzy images. RoboSHOT 30E cameras provide a 30x zoom – a 20x optical zoom plus an additional 10x zoom using IntelliZoom Image Processing Technology. IntelliZoom adds digital zoom without compromising image resolution quality. The powerful processor inside RoboSHOT Elite Series 30x zoom cameras compares patterns found in adjacent pixels and creates new pixels to match selected patterns, resulting in more realistic, higher-quality images.

Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

With its back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor, RoboSHOT 12E and RoboSHOT 30E cameras offer more powerful image signal processing (ISP) – resulting in better light-gathering capabilities, incredible contrast and sharp HD video, even in dim lighting conditions. Enhanced WDR helps correct for environments with uneven lighting by making darker or over-bright areas in the video more visible and detailed. With the RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras, you get brilliant images in settings where the lighting is extremely varied such as church sanctuaries or outdoor live events. The WDR can be turned off and on via the web-based user interface or through serial commands.

Spotlight Compensation Mode

Expect exceptional performance in the presence of high intensity spotlights seen in performance halls, live event venues, and night-time outdoor sporting events. Silky-smooth & Silent Pan-Tilt-Zoom Motion Experience the amazingly smooth pan, tilt and zoom operation with Vaddio’s direct drive silent motors paired with Tri-Synchronous motion algorithms. Even at full zoom, RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras move with no jitter or bouncing.

Flexible Mounting Options

Like most other RoboSHOT cameras, RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras can be inverted, ceiling mounted or wall mounted for maximum flexibility. All RoboSHOT Elite Series

cameras ship with a custom steel wall mount.

Remote Management

RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras are designed with an intuitive browser-based user interface for remote monitoring, management, operation and administrative control.

Extended Reach Options

Place your RoboSHOT Elite camera wherever needed with multiple extension options. RoboSHOT Elite CAT-5 models are bundled with our Quick-Connect™ extension systems

extending video, power and control 100 feet (30 meters) over two category cables. RoboSHOT Elite HDBT models have native compatibility and are bundled with Vaddio’s OneLINK™ extension systems extending video, power and control 328 feet (100 meters) over a single Cat-5e/6 cable.

Professional Results Across Markets


With RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras, video conferencing meetings can have an even greater impact on productivity and the bottom line – with PTZ cameras that can zoom in on individual speakers or capture the room with an image that always puts your best foot forward.

House of Worship

Ideal for churches and worship areas, the 12x or 30x zoom expands your reach. Enhanced WDR compensates for bright windows and dark corners. RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras provide fantastic high-definition footage with built-in live streaming capabilities for worship services, special events, wedding ceremonies and more.


Whether it’s lecture capture, live streaming or zooming in nice and close so students can view complicated techniques on a large classroom monitor, RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras enhance learning in the modern classroom.


Make training sessions more effective – no matter where participants are located – with

cameras that capture demonstrations and keep attendees highly engaged with the instructor.


  • Vaddio RoboSHOT Elite Series Datasheet

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