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Working From Home Can Be The Same As Being In The Office...Minus The Germs

Working From Home Can Be The Same As Being In The Office...Minus The Germs

We’ve known for a long time that there are a few simple steps people can take to avoid getting sick: wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, watch what you eat and where you go. The current flu season and concerns about coronavirus are also good reminders that sick people should stay home and avoid passing their illness on to others.

That can be hard to do when work pressures make office workers feel like they HAVE to be in the office – whether for that critical meeting, a board presentation, or just to be “seen” as part of the team. But I will argue that we have reached a place where remote working can be virtually as impactful as being there in person.

Over the last few decades, the unified collaboration industry has made great strides in advancing the technology to the cloud – making it affordable, scalable, and available. Now, Poly is poised to help catapult those cloud technologies to the next level, by providing a quality of human experience that directly addresses the barriers to successful voice and video conferencing.

We know what they are, and many of them are actually rooted in neuroscience. Take concerns about social standing, for example, or your position in the “pecking order”. Those concerns get amplified by the quality of your video, the way your voice carries, and even the angle of the monitors used for the video transmission or where your head is centered on the screen.

This matters, because critical thinking skills suffer when we feel threatened. Poly’s Meeting AI features in the Poly Studio X family of video bars automatically adjust to put the speaker’s head in the right place on the screen to maximize the feeling of eye contact – so it’s a more natural, less hierarchical view. Put a Poly Studio X in your conference room, and the work-from-home employee can see who is speaking clearly, as well as hear them with unrivaled audio pickup.

Poly Studio X Series

We also reduce stress in meetings with our active noise reduction technologies built into our headsets designed for unified communications. We think about things like “side tone” – or your ability to hear yourself. When you can’t hear yourself talk, you tend to shout. Feeling that you have to shout becomes exhausting over the time of multiple conference and video calls, and reduces your ability focus and be productive. And, that’s even when you’re feeling great!

At Poly, we have a flexible working policy where we encourage employees to work in the best place given their responsibilities, workload, and yes, how well they are feeling. In addition to keeping germs out of the workplace, it also results in a lighter carbon footprint with less time spent in airplanes and commuting, it improves work/life balance, and enables us to hire the best candidate for the job, regardless of location.

Take time for your health; rest and unplug as needed.  And, when you have to get work done from home, Poly is here to help.

Article By: Joe Burton - Poly


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