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What You Need To Know

SenzoLive a Finnish company was founded to provide accurate real-time utilisation data to help their clients achieve optimisation and efficiencies within their workplace.


By understanding how the space is being used, clients can make informed decisions that could result in a reduction in operation costs.


The SenzoLive solution is able to integrate and connect to smart building technologies. 


Workspace Management Solutions


SenzoLive Solution

SenzoLive Solution is an advanced software system that is easy to use and intuitive. It allows you to interpret the data collected by the occupancy sensors. The sensors measures the occupancy levels continuously and sends the data securely and anonymously to the software and is stored in the cloud. The dashboards allow you to view real-time occupancy as well as generate historical reports to understand the utilisation and efficiency of the area whether it be a meeting room or open plan office. The SenzoAPI can provide integration into meeting room booking systems and building management systems.