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What You Need To Know

Code was setup in 2013 because businesses desperately needed a better way to understand the usage and manage the efficiency of their Unified Communications and Collaboration installations. So the team behind Code created a set of powerful but simple software solutions to do just that. The feedback they get shows how much their customers benefit from their products and they continue to assist Code in the on-going development of their solutions.

It's really quite simple, their software gives you the tools to efficiently manage, report and analyze your UC&C platform and associated elements. The modern workplace is changing faster than ever making it essential you have these tools in place to ensure your investment in UC&C is delivering the expected productivity gains, cost savings and improved business processes.

Code Software: Reporting, Analytics and Management of your UC platforms
Increase User Adoption

Adoption of a new platform needs to be closely and continuously monitored and managed. Clobba drives User Adoption of UC & C across an organization ensuring ROI and highlighting areas for education and training.

Manage Resources

A single pain of glass view of the multiple ‘working parts’ of a UC & C platform ensures they are being used as efficiently as possible. These include SIP trunks, devices, gateways and Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

Monitor Call Quality

Often there can be concerns around the quality of voice, video and conference calls. Clobba gives comprehensive quality data that can be used for trouble-shooting ensuring the highest levels of service delivery.


Clobba is a reporting and analytic solution for Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC & C) platforms. It delivers business critical information through its simple to use interface and supporting reports.

Clobba has been designed and built to allow users to specify what and how they will view information. We understand that the IT Manager is going to have very different requirements heads of business and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ reporting and analytic solution is not suitable for the modern workplace.

Code Software: What Can Cobba Do For You?
Control Costs

Visibility of call costs and employee activity ensures accountability for high cost calls and activity that is not work related.

Improve Productivity

See employee productivity metrics that include a number of answered and abandoned calls, ring-time and talk-time ensuring that calls are handled to a satisfactory level.

User Driven

The simple interface and user defined nature of the Clobba software ensures that only relevant information is presented to meet an employees unique requirements.

Clobba Real-Time

ClobbaRT, an additional module to Clobba, is a cost-effective alternative to full contact center software for users of Skype for Business Response Groups and a simple and ‘out-of-the-box’ way to view and report on Amazon Connect. It delivers live call wallboards and supporting reports to view and monitor agents and queues in real-time.

Clobba Device Management

ClobbaDM is an additional module to Clobba providing inventory details, management and quality reporting of Jabra and Poly headsets. It allows you to realise productivity gains whilst driving the user adoption of devices. The integration with Clobba allows end-to-end visibility of both headset and UC&C call quality with support for Skype for Business, Amazon Chime and Connect and Cisco.

Code Software: Clobba Device Manager (ClobbaDM)
Code Software: Clobba Range Manager (ClobbaRM)

Clobba Range Manager

ClobbaRM (Range Manager) helps you track and manage multiple DID and extension number ranges giving all the number management data you need in one place. No more managing ranges by spreadsheets as ClobbaRM gives a single point of management where adds / moves / changes can take place saving time and reducing the risk element.

Clobba Microsoft Teams

Code Software offers a suite of products to help make your Microsoft Unified Communications and Collaboration installation more manageable, measurable and productive. ClobbaMT support Skype for Business on-premises, Skype for Business online and Microsoft Teams.

Code Software: Clobba Microsoft Teams (ClobbaMT)
Code Software: Clobba Voice Recorder (ClobbaVR)

Clobba Voice Recorder

ClobbaVR allows you to record calls from a Skype for Business client machine to a central location for playback and management. It's typically used for dispute resolution, training and to meet compliance requirements.

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