Workspace Management Solutions
Our specialised Workspace Management solutions range from complex enterprise-grade solutions to agile and easily
installed mid-size corporate requirements.

Kathea Workspace Management

We, at Kathea, strive to understand how people work, where they work and what tools they need to accomplish their daily tasks.


From boardroom booking and usage management to real time occupancy information, Kathea has a range of Workspace Management solutions that enable facilities managers and retailers to assess their space requirements correctly and use what they have more efficiently.

Workspace Management Brands We Represent

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Full Service Meeting Room Scheduling


Schedule the rooms, resources and services you need, quickly and easily. Better manage last minute changes, keeping your cool with information at the ready. Whether you need to schedule hundreds of rooms and thousands of desks or a few meeting rooms and a handful of desks, Kathea has the Workspace Management solution for you.

Workplace Utilization & Occupancy Sensors


Kathea offers a range of comprehensive workplace utilization analysis solutions that empower you to make educated, cost-effective decisions about your workspace. These activity sensors and integrated analytic tools will help you to understand and manage available real estate and workstations.


Condeco Software

Condeco’s integrated workplace solutions help increase collaboration, improve workspace efficiencies, and optimize office real estate.
Now, more than ever, companies are looking to maximize collaboration; simplify meeting room, desk and video conferencing management; modernize work environments to meet a mobile/flexible workforce; esure technology investments integrate with existing systems and future innovations; and optimize office real estate usage. Condeco products and people deliver solutions to do it all.
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FM:Systems provides workplace management technology and solutions that enable facility and real estate teams to identify, plan, and deliver the ideal workplace experience for every employee.
Our leading web-based Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS) and real-estate analytics software improves management of space, occupancy, renovations, moves, maintenance, property, assets, agile workspaces, employee experience, smart buildings and more. FM:Systems is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and conducts business throughout the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific. 


SenzoLive a Finnish company was founded to provide accurate real-time utilisation data to help their clients achieve optimisation and efficiencies within their workplace.
By understanding how the space is being used, clients can make informed decisions that could result in a reduction in operation costs. The SenzoLive solution is able to integrate and connect to smart building technologies.