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What You Need To Know

Poly was born from Plantronics and Polycom, and they're still in the business of taking giant leaps for mankind. Poly creates beautifully designed and engineered audio and video products that let you be seen and heard with incredible clarity, wherever you work. Backed by the software, artificial intelligence, analytics and insights to take you far beyond mere connectivity.

Poly is a trailblazer in solving the dilemma of work from anywhere  -  creating equity between those in the room and those who aren’t.  Whether in an office setting, a remote hub, or your home office, we’ve got you covered.  Poly outfits your office space and your personal space  - even those in outer space - with the gear you need to look and sound your best.

Creating Calm
In The Chaos


From the train to the open office - and every space in between - we make connections more productive. Turn even the noisiest of spaces into sanctuaries for concentration.

Bridging Productivity


As the lines between home and the office blur, we make it easier to hear, share, and see wherever, whenever.

Asking What's Next,
Not What If

Our solutions respond to human behavior and get smarter all the time. Our cloud management tools deliver insightful analytics right now and so much more tomorrow.

Bridging The Gap Between Platforms


Do you operate across multiple conferencing ecosystems? So do we. Join your meeting with one click and concentrate on ideas in the air, not devices in the room.

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Featured Products


Poly Voyager Focus 2

It's you - loud and clear. That's all callers hear. The discreet microphone boom on the Voyager Focus 2 is not only ultra-noise cancelling but, with its multiple microphone Acoustic Fence Technology, literally creates a virtual noise-free bubble in front of your mouth. It's so good it even meets the Microsoft Teams Open Office premium microphone requirements. The Focus stays on you, right where it belongs

Poly Studio P5 Kits

Crystal-clear audio and video in one easy to use and setup package. The Poly Studio P5 kit will kick your video calls into another gear. It starts with a Poly Studio P5 webcam with precision-tuned camera optics that will make you look so good you’ll own the conversation. Pair with a pro-grade headset or smart speakerphone for incredible audio clarity. It’s even simple for IT to manage with Poly Lens. Packaged together as one, the Poly Studio P5 Kit is super-simple to setup and lets you choose the audio device that best suits how and where you work.

Poly Sync 20

Let’s face it: the audio on your laptop and smartphone aren’t great. Sound like the professional you are with Poly Sync 20 USB/Bluetooth® smart speakerphone - for
remarkable conference calls and music anywhere. Take it wherever you go—its battery lasts for hours and can charge your smartphone. You’ll always hear and be heard. The multimedia quality sound is a music-lover’s delight. Designed specifically for today’s professional, it’s sleek, compact, and filled with smart features to keep conference
calls simple.

Poly Voyager 5200 Series

Poly Voyager 5200 

Reliable call clarity especially outdoors from our exclusive WindSmart technology and cutting edge, adaptive noise cancelling. From bustling city streets to the corner café, some of life’s most important calls happen in the most unexpected places. Poly's cutting edge noise cancelling and six layers of WindSmart technology eliminate disruptive background noise like wind and chatter so your voice sounds clear, indoors and out.
Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

Poly Voyager 6200 UC

The Poly Voyager 6200 UC is a Bluetooth neckband headset with earbuds made for the professional. Transitioning to your next conversation is easy: Connect with colleagues working remotely, listen to music to focus distraction-free or drop an earbud to tune in to the conversation around you. Voyager 6200 UC has the versatility to go beyond the office, for outstanding audio every time.

Poly RealPresence Trio

Poly Trio 8500 is a conference phone system for small to medium conference rooms. The Poly Trio 8800, when combined with Poly’s 12x mPTZ EagleEye IV USB and Poly Trio Visual+, makes team meetings of 6-8 people productive and efficient. Perfect for teams of 8-10+ people, Poly Trio 8800 combined with the Poly RealPresence Group Series, gives you the ultimate advantage in price performance and choice.
Polycom RealPresence Trio 880
Polycom VVX Media Phones

Poly VVX Business Media Phones

Poly VVX Business Media Phones provide a unified voice and video communication experience for executives, knowledge workers and call attendants in organizations of all sizes. By combining Poly’s superior audio and video technology with innovative industrial designs and user interfaces, these Business Media Phones improve productivity by simplifying communication processes and business workflows.

Poly CS500 Series

Poly's legendary CS family is setting a wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS500 Series. The system features the lightest DECT headset on the market, a streamlined design and professional performance all with the same reliability for hands-free productivity that has made the CS family a bestseller for over a decade.
cs500 1.png
Plantronics Blackwire 5200 Series

Poly Blackwire 5200 Series

Enhanced compatibility. Exceptional comfort.  The Poly Blackwire 5200 Series fits your busy workday. Easy to use, its USB or USB-C and 3.5 mm connectivity lets you work on a variety of devices.
Ergonomically designed, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day, on your longest calls. The Blackwire 5200 Series - the power to connect and work easily is here.

Poly Voyager Focus UC

Getting it done when there’s so much going on around you isn’t always easy, but this headset is here to help. Calls are better with conversation-focused sound that leaves the background noise out while projecting your voice clearly and confidently. And work goes easier with vibrant audio that immerses you in your music to keep your day humming along. All Poly USB headsets and personal speakerphones are compatible with the most popular voice platforms – we just work. 
Plantronics Voyagr Focus UC