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What You Need To Know

With new and ever-changing communication requirements, one thing remains the same: the need for high-quality, worry-free audio for collaboration. Based on Dante audio networking, ADECIA helps organizations overcome challenges with implementation, configuration and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation and operation - designed to work seamlessly together to reduce set up time, costs and complexities - to get a professional, high quality audio experience.

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Featured Products

Yamaha Featured Products

Yamaha RM-CG Ceiling Array Microphone

A ceiling microphone equipped with unique audio signal processing technology that enables high-quality communication.

“Multi-beam tracking” that scans for human voice and track simultaneous speech allowing for lively conversations. Delivers high intelligible voice with unique signal processing Technologies. Supports 3 types of mounting methods for use with a variety of ceiling conditions.

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Yamaha RM-CR Remote Conference Processor

Remote conference processors to easily resolve several difficult problems associated with troublesome wiring, establishing network environments, and optimizing acoustics for each room environment.
Automatically recognises connected devices on the same network for audio routing. Equipped with the Auto Mixer functions thatautomatically mix the audio of all connected microphones. Equipped with various Input/Output connections such as USB, VoIP, analog, and Bluetooth.
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