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Reimagining your workplace

The world of work has had a major rethink… so your office needs one, too. Hybrid work and flexibility means your workplace will be used differently, but technology is crucial to make sure it’s used to the best possible effect. See how a fresh approach can make such a difference.

Condeco puts you in control of your working life. Within seconds, you can search for a workspace that suits your needs, make a reservation, and relax in the knowledge that it’ll be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. It’s flexible working without the hassle.

Work where you want, when you want.

Condeco Solutions

Workspace Management Solutions

Personal Spaces

Every flexible worker is different, but however you work, Condeco can support your needs. You can ensure every single element of your day in the office is arranged before you even leave home.

Meeting Spaces

Condeco supports every type of meeting: formal, informal, in-person, video calls and more. Whatever type of collaboration space you need to innovate and create, Condeco can connect you to it in moments.

Touchdown spaces

Desk spaces

Meeting Room

Collaboration Spaces

Flexible, customizable

workstation booking

Open spaces for informal work

Casual, informal meeting spaces

Effortless access to formal

conferencing space

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Parking spaces


Video meeting

Booth space

No more hassle searching for a space

Safe, secure storage you can rely on

Combine in-person and virtual collaboration

Dedicated private spaces

for focused meetings

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Condeco Software

Desk Booking System

Make flexible working work for you. Find workspaces that suit your places and reserve them in moments.
  1. Your simple self-serve tool
Condeco connects you to the spaces you want, on mobile, on the web or through Microsoft Outlook. Through a visual floorplan view, you can locate the perfect space for your needs, and immediately book it for the time you need it.
2.Find your co-workers fast
Even if your co-workers may be on different schedules to you, Condeco can help you come together. You can use the platform to search for co-workers and find out where they’re working from, helping make your collaboration easier and more productive.
  • Helps you work close to colleagues
  • Helps you promote teamwork and collaboration
3.Organise your time better
On the days that you visit the office, Condeco helps make sure you get the most from your day. You can set your status so that co-workers can find you, and book extra spaces like meeting rooms, parking spaces and more to co-ordinate your day perfectly.
  • Helps you plan your work week
  • Helps you manage office capacity
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Meeting Room Bookin System

Easy booking of formal and informal meeting spaces that support how you want to work.
  1. Bring people together with ease
Securing the meeting space you need, at the time you need it, has never been easier. You can find a suitable space and time, check all attendees are available and make a booking in moments. Whether through Outlook, on your mobile, or via the Condeco portal on the web.
2. Virtual meetings
Whether meeting in person, virtually or through a combination of the two, Condeco brings everyone together. Teams or Zoom calls can easily be added to your meeting space booking, and calls can be started with a single click.
  • Helps you collaborate, wherever you are
  • Helps you improve productivity
  • Easily connect with your colleagues
3.Make changes stress-free
When plans change, Condeco takes care of things for you. The platform automatically checks whether a suitable meeting room is still available for the new time, moves the booking if so, and moves all booked services along with it. No stress for you, and no confusion for attendees, service vendors or front-of-house staff.
  • Helps remove the burden of rescheduling meeting spaces
  • Helps you utilise space more efficiently
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