Kathea Service Offerings
Kathea is a value-added distributor of Voice, Audio Visual, Video Conferencing and Workspace Management Products, Solutions and Services.

Service Level Agreements

Kathea enables our Partners to offer a wide range of Service Level Agreements (SLA's) to their Customers.


These SLA's enable the end user to experience high quality, reliable video conferencing that comes with maintenance and reporting solutions which allows for uninterrupted communication between various locations, without relying heavily on internal resources in order to achieve this. Custom SLA's are also created to meet particular business requirements.

Office Meeting


Kathea assists Partners with End Point and Infrastructure installations, providing experienced engineers and install technicians to carry out installations at a customer’s facility.

Installations also includes configuration and orientation of the equipment to the highest standard. Testing of the equipment is key, and this will be done thoroughly to ensure full functionality of the systems.


Out-of-Warranty Support

Our highly skilled post-sales support teams are available to try and assist where products are out of warranty.


Contact the Kathea Helpdesk to request a quote to solve your issue or to extend the warranty.


Managed Services

Kathea Managed Services delivers a secure, simple, and reliable solution that puts the industry’s most sophisticated technology to work for your business.

We are able to craft specific managed services in consultation with our Partners. This is typically in area of video conferencing or room management services.


In-Warranty Support

The Kathea Service Desk Team are highly skilled, certified IT professionals who are dedicated to bringing you a trusted, reliable service.


We facilitate all claims against manufacturer warranties for products purchased through us. This is done through an experienced Service Centre Team in the Johannesburg offices. 


Rental Solutions

We have partnered with one of the largest and most reputable privately owned financial institutions in the country in order to provide our Partners with tailor-made rental solutions to meet the specific and individual needs of their customers. Why should you consider a rental solution? There is no large capital expenditure for customers as the rental solution is based on an OpEx model. This OpEx model allows for rentals to be treated
as ongoing costs that customers pay.


Workspace Management Services

Every business in existence wants to achieve more and be the most authentic business that they can be. They each have a different story but not surprisingly they each share the same common goal as they attempt to navigate an increasingly complex journey towards a more Digital World. The workplace has and continues to evolve and the traditional ways of working really can’t provide the flexibility to accommodate a workforce and generation that demands more. See how Kathea's Workspace Management Solutions and Services can assist you.