What You Need To Know

CTOUCH is a dynamic, innovative business-to-business manufacturer of large format touch displays / interactive screens / interactive displays / interactive flat panels and closely related software and hardware products. CTOUCH continuously invests in new technologies in order to keep offering sublime and future-oriented quality products.

CTOUCH's innovative products create a positive and convincing touch experience and stimulate the sharing of knowledge. Provide every learning or collaboration surrounding with the power of touch and interactivity. CTOUCH wants to be the leading large touch displays company focusing on enhancing interactive group collaboration.

Interactive Displays for Education


Making education more interactive and even more fun: CTOUCH has been dedicated to this goal for over ten years now. Their touchscreens enable you to prepare students for the workplace of the future and develop their 21st-century skills.

Interactive Displays for Business

Enhance your meeting experiences. Work together in an effective and efficient way through collaborating, sharing, annotating, conferencing and more. Enter the room, start without delay and cast your device. A fantastic asset to every meeting room. Allow yourself the ease of use of CTOUCH meeting room solutions.

Featured Products



The CTOUCH Canvas stands out in every meeting room! It's unique CTOUCHABLE design invited you to instantly touch the screen. Discover ultra-fine pen-on-paper like writing experience. It's designed for business and meets the highest security standards. This touchscreen platform is the pinnacle of all-in-one collaboration boards.


No more dull, unproductive lessons! Meet the CTOUCH Riva, a super user-friendly touchscreen that brings the power of touch in any working and learning environment. Easily share your content on the big screen, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and inspire everyone in the room. Make your meetings and lessons come alive!

CTOUCH Leddura 2Share Essentials

Enter the meeting room with your clients, partners or peers. Right away, you’re ready to go and fully engaged. Leddura 2Share Essentials is there to make you shine. Designed to share digital content within seconds. Wirelessly and safely. Combine your presentations with the infinite whiteboard and annotation tool. Walk up to the board and let your team’s ideas flow. This interactive touchscreen makes collaboration easy and fun!

CTOUCH Leddura 2Meet

The Leddura 2Meet is a cutting edge all in one touchscreen that ushers in the end of the pointless-business-meeting era. Wireless content sharing. Whiteboarding. Video conferencing with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Booking a meeting room. Everything you need for an effective meeting in one interactive whiteboard. On top of that it is super easy to use. Even non-tech savvy people can do a fearless presentation.