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Condeco - Proxyclick Streamlining Visitor & Meeting Room Management

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A leader in workspace scheduling technology, Condeco helps brands transform to create a more connected workplace. They do this in part through their meeting room management solution, which handles incoming booking requests, walk-in bookings, and meetings with visitors.

Here’s where Proxyclick comes in. With our Condeco integration, visitors will always know where their meetings will be held.

To facilitate this, the host of the meeting would start by booking a room for external guests via Condeco’s software. As part of an improved, seamless visitor experience, meeting room information is then pushed automatically through Proxyclick.

The booking request for the external guest becomes visible in Proxyclick’s visitor logbook, where hosts will see the visitor’s status as “expected” for the time that the meeting was created.

Visitors will then get a fully customizable invitation email with their meeting room information included. When they check in on site, they’ll know immediately where to report to.

Once guests have arrived, hosts will get simultaneous notifications via email, text message, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or another messaging app integrated with Proxyclick.

Book Meeting Rooms and Visits Without Leaving Your Calendar

To make the process even simpler, with Proxyclick's Outlook add-in, the Condeco integration can be done entirely in your Outlook calendar. Hosts can book meetings and meeting rooms directly via the calendar interface.

This native integration also allows hosts to create custom fields for improving the visit (such as specific comments for reception) and SSO support for an easier login.

Enhancing the Contactless Visitor Experience

During a global pandemic, when the touching of hardware surfaces must be limited to prevent the spread of a virus, the Condeco integration helps improve the touchless or contactless visitor check-in experience.

While visitors have the option for self check-in by filling in their information on an iPad kiosk, hosts can also pre-register visitors to allow them immediate access to the premises.

This would allow for companies to temporarily remove kiosks at front desk areas, thereby reducing human touching of surfaces (and the need to constantly disinfect them).

Here's how the Process would go:

  • Through an invitation email, companies can send any necessary health information or guidelines for visitors to read and sign in advance.

  • Once visitors have signed necessary agreements, they can scan their unique QR code received in the invitation email at specific turnstiles or doorways in your building. This would be done through an access control integration with Proxyclick.

  • Visitors would be granted immediate access to certain areas of the building during the specific meeting time allotted.

  • If companies choose to integrate with Condeco, their visitors will get the added advantage of knowing exactly where to go upon arrival.

This contactless visitor check-in would limit conversation or contact with other individuals and long waiting lines (and possible breaches of social distancing rules) at reception.

The seamless visitor experience would also eliminate friction at the front desk and free up receptionists’ time for more value-adding tasks.

Article By: Proxyclick

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