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Healthcare in the Age of Technology according to Jabra

With the recent boom in virtual healthcare, the need for outstanding technology solutions that keep patients and healthcare practitioners connected has never been greater. As remote healthcare becomes more widely available, technology has a key role to play in ensuring the provision of these virtual services is of a consistently high standard. The right devices keep healthcare workers connected, both to their patients and to each other.

According to the World Health Organization, there will be a global doctor shortage of 15 million by the year 2035. With 90% of people believing that remote healthcare is as good or better than traditional services, there’s never been a better time to ensure that the technology you’re using to deliver remote healthcare options is the best that it can possibly be. And that’s exactly where Jabra solutions come in.

Help them adapt to changes in healthcare

As healthcare moves increasingly online, healthcare practitioners are looking for technology that helps them collaborate and stay connected to their patients and colleagues.

Stand out from your competitors with a portfolio of products that’s perfectly positioned to help them bring their practice online, without compromising on the quality of the care their patients receive. Show them that you understand the challenges they’re facing, and become a trusted advisor with solutions that effectively address these challenges.

Future-proof their practice

Delivering outstanding healthcare is about so much more than seeing patients. Your customers in the medical sector have a need for outstanding communication everywhere, from the consultation room to the lecture theater, for doctors delivering remote healthcare, and including practitioners out in the field.

Be the one to offer the support and guidance they need, by showing them the huge range of solutions in the Jabra portfolio, and explaining how each one can be used to support their varying needs. Gain their trust by helping them to understand the role technology plays in delivering outstanding remote healthcare.

Equip doctors with smart technology

As global demands on healthcare soar, your customers in the medical sector are looking for new ways to ensure they’re making the best of their time and resources. When delivering healthcare online, reliable communication is vital. Practitioners need to know that they can rely on the devices they’re using to seamlessly support them in delivering outstanding care from anywhere.

Set yourself apart by showing them how Jabra technology can support their medical staff, providing outstanding professional-grade audio and video communication for a wide variety of different scenarios, with plug-and-play functionality for maximum ease of use, and compatibility with all leading communications platforms. Remove the technological barriers to successful remote healthcare with devices that work for them, so that they can focus on delivering outstanding care

Keep your healthcare customers connected

As healthcare moves increasingly online, it’s changing how patients access care, and how practitioners communicate with each other. In a world of virtual interactions, your customers need to know that the technology they’re using will maintain the human touch that’s so vital to doctor-patient care.

Demonstrate the unique 180° video capabilities of the Jabra PanaCast, the world-leading professional-grade audio of the Jabra Evolve Series, and the outstanding 2-way premium audio of the Jabra Speak 750. By showcasing what these devices can do, you’ll help them to understand how the right technology can preserve that essential human touch.

Boost patient satisfaction

The surge in remote healthcare requires a step up in communication for those handling the admin. Your customers need reliable, durable headsets that enable their administration teams to deliver outstanding patient care.

Talk to your customers about their administration needs, and open a dialogue around the necessity for high-quality communication across all areas of their practice. With the Jabra Engage Series, you can be the one to offer them a smart solution that’s engineered to deliver outstanding call performance in busy or noisy environments. And with call analytic data, you’re also giving them the power to constantly monitor and improve their services.



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