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Lenovo Solutions Power a Smarter Hybrid Work World

Work is what we do, not the place we go to do it. The trend is for more people to be working from home more of the time. But there will be times when meeting in person is the better option. Tomorrow’s offices will be co-creation spaces where employees meet to collaborate — some in person, some from remote locations. There will be a range of room types and sizes for multiple use cases spanning individual deep work to informal interaction to structured team meetings. Lenovo provides technology that optimizes collaboration in every setting, from solo remote to groups.

Lenovo Smart Collaboration Solutions: Built for the Hybrid Workplace


Lenovo Smart Collaboration pairs hardware, software, and services to create use case-specific total solutions.

Flexible and Scalable

Lenovo offer a choice of UC platforms and collaboration systems that scale for any room size.


All ThinkSmart solutions are safeguarded by our ThinkShield suite of security solutions for data and endpoint protection.

Meet the Lenovo ThinkSmart Family

A hybrid work environment is all about flexibility. Lenovo has developed flexible solutions ideal for a range of use cases, with choices on multiple fronts: UC platform, room size, peripherals, mounting options, and accessories.

ThinkSmart View

The ThinkSmart View is a personal productivity assistant for individual collaboration, administrative tasks ad hotdesking.

Features and Benefits
  • Convenient: One-touch meeting start/join

  • Efficient: Employees stay productive on their PCs while View handles videoconferencing, content viewing, and voice and video calls

  • Flexible: Easy collaboration from anywhere — home or private offices, shared workspaces, common areas, privacy booths Secure: Built-in camera shutter, microphone mute button, and secure access PIN for privacy in use and at rest

  • Multifunctional: Ideal for use cases from business to education to healthcare

ThinkSmart Hub

The ThinkSmart Hub is a an all-in-one room system perfect for hybrid team collaboration, room sizes from small to large and for use cases from business to education to healthcare.

Features and Benefits
  • Streamlined: 20% smaller footprint than previous generations; innovative One Cable mechanism to reduce clutter

  • Convenient: One-touch meeting start/join Immersive: Richer audio and ultra-low noise certified for more inclusive and productive collaboration

  • Manageable: Remote monitoring and touchless troubleshooting with ThinkSmart Manager Secure: Lenovo ThinkShield powered by Intel vPro platform for an end-to-end security solution

ThinkSmart Edition Tiny

The ThinkSmart Edition Tiny's a compact full-featured PC, perfect for small spaces, powering modular meeting room systems and use cases from business to education to healthcare.

Features and Benefits
  • Powerful: Built-for-business Intel vPro platform delivers smooth, steady meeting performance

  • Flexible: Clutter-free with easy access — can be mounted under tables or behind displays

  • Secure: Built-in Lenovo ThinkShield powered by Intel vPro platform for security solutions and efficient remote manageability

  • Stable: Preloaded with Windows 10 IoT for stability and added security

  • Efficient: Purpose-built for UC software with no unnecessary storage or bloatware



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