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Logitech Personal Video Collaboration Kits

With the Logitech BRIO and Zone Wireless solution, any personal workspace can be provisioned with our most advanced webcam matched with the Bluetooth® headset specifically designed for open workspaces.

BRIO delivers high-resolution video quality whether hopping on a quick call or joining a video conference. Add high-definition audio with the Zone Wireless headset and employees are fully equipped for premium-quality video conferencing without ever leaving their desks.

Professional Personal Video Collaboration Kit

Logitech’s most advanced BRIO webcam matched with Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth headset enable exceptional video calls from any personal workspace, including an open office.

Professional Personal Video Collaboration Kit: Logitech Brio + Zone Wireless
Logitech Brio Webcam & Zone Wireless Headset

Personal Video Collaboration Kit

C925e + ZONE WIRELESS Logitech C925e webcam matched with Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth headset enable great video meetings from any open office workspace.

Personal Video Collaboration Kit: Logitech C925e + Zone Wireless
Logitech C925e Webcam & Zone Wireless Headset

Sound Professional

Tune out unwanted noise around you for better, more focused video meetings from any desk or personal workspace. Zone Wireless headsets have a noise-canceling mic that isolates voice from distracting sound clutter for clearer conversations. With an adjustable sidetone control for modulating voice volume to just the right level, a flip-to-mute mic, Qi wireless charging and 14-hour battery, this headset is an ideal wireless solution for your professional setup.

Look Professional

BRIO is packed with advanced features that produce outstanding video in any environment, including personal workspaces. RightLight™ 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology automatically help users look great in any lighting condition. The adjustable field of view gives users control over how video calls are framed while the 4K ultra high-def camera with 5x digital zoom delivers remarkable clarity, smoothness, and detail.

Simple & Easy

BRIO and Zone Wireless are easy to set up and use, which means minimal support overhead for busy IT teams. Zone Wireless provides simple and intuitive on-ear call controls and flip-to-mute, which employees love. Plug-and-play compatibility ensures simplicity right out of the box, including seamless integration with virtually any video conferencing software app—including the ones your organization already uses.

Certified for Business

Business certifications ensure compatibility and seamless integration in the workplace. Zone Wireless headset and BRIO 4K webcam are certified for Microsoft® Skype™ for Business, work with Google Voice and Hangouts Meet, ready for Teams, compatible with Zoom®, and work with other popular calling applications such as Cisco Jabber®, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting. In addition BRIO delivers fast and secure facial recognition for Windows® Hello.


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