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New Yealink BH72 and BH76 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

It has been a tough year. Declarations of the end of the pandemic always seem premature and the short-lived new normal we thought we had figured out seems to keep changing.

For both organizations and individuals, the plan is to continue moving forward with flexible and safe arrangements to return to work, while responding to more complex and practical demands as they arise. But, being an entrepreneur means that you need to work harder when times are tougher.

Last year, Yealink worked with millions of entrepreneurs to bridge isolated people together through seamless communication by building hybrid video and audio solutions for all scenarios to facilitate better personal and team collaboration.

Yealink has been focusing on developing their headset product line in order to meet all future workers' needs in different scenarios. What Yealink endeavors to bring to future workers this time, are headsets with strong capabilities for work, flexibility and portability for use in different spaces, and powerful performance for casual scenarios.

Introducing the brand new Yealink BH Bluetooth Headset Series, including the entry-level BH72 and essential BH76. Dedicated to empowering users in both work and casual scenarios, these headsets feature strong voice capabilities, rich UC features, and a stylish wearing experience, delivering a brand new headset for future hybrid workers.

Professional Ole Wolff Diaphragm

The Ole Wolff diaphragm's an industry-leading professional acoustic component that provides a wider frequency response and high sensitivity to music, enabling everyone to enjoy the full and original sound.

Hi-Fi Level Audio Codec aptX

Adopted Hi-Fi level audio codec aptX delivers pure and delicate sound with less distortion, lower noise floor, and intricate details of high-quality music.

Intelligent Dynamic ANC

Intelligent dynamic ANC , including four ANC modes ( ANC level medium, ANC level high, Talk transparent and Fully transparent), this feature brings customized noise cancellation adjustments in different environments for a suitable and comfortable active noise cancellation effect.

Innovative Acoustic Shield Technology

Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology ensures distraction-free audio in your daily calling with a virtual shield created by multiple microphones, to ensure you've been heard clearly.

Noise-Cancelling Microphones

Specially tailored noise-cancelling microphones, retractable Magic Boom with beam-forming technology enables you to get your message across, even in noisy environments with clear and crisp voice transfer.

Easy Charging & Extended Working Time

Available for QI wireless charging and specially tailored UC powerstation for daily charging. BH76 supports up to 40 hours of battery efficiency, covering one week's normal working and enables you to work till the last minute without power anxiety.

Seamless Experience

Universally compatible with common calling applications across almost all platforms and operating systems. Yealink headsets are ready for your business and professional communication from the moment you open the box.

Ultra-Wide Angle Visible Busylight

The ultra-wide angle busy light, is automatically activated by incoming calls or manually pressing two volume buttons simultaneously. The busylight was engineered to protect your working state and concentration from any interruptions when in an immersive call or meeting.

Stylish Design

Efforts were devoted to designing a headset with a unique visual look, colour options ( balck and light grey), premium fabric and cutting-edge manufacturing. Honoured with the Red Dot and IF industry-leading design awards.

Retractable Hidden Microphone Arm

Move seamlessly from the office to on-the-go, with the contemporary casual design and discreetly hidden boom arm, that still guaranteed exceptional professional sounding calls, even when tucked away.

Uncompromising Comfort

Ergonomics and human caring factors are the soul of the BH76 headset. Biometric research of hunderds of heads and wearing styles were done to create the perfect headset fit to fit every size and shape, ensuring your comfort till the last minute even at the end of a long day.


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