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Poly Launches Studio P Series for Remote Workers

Poly has announced the Poly Studio P Series, the industry’s first professional-grade personal video conferencing equipment for remote workers.

The Poly Studio P Series includes the Poly Studio P5 Webcam, Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar, and Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display. For collaboration, Poly Studio P5 Kits lets users bundle the new Studio P5 camera with award-winning headsets or the portable Poly Sync intelligent speakerphone. These personal solutions combined with Poly Lens Desktop App and Poly+ paid subscription service bring hardware and software together under one roof, to simplify device management and solve work from anywhere.

“We’re in a new era of work with classroom collaborators, mobile medical providers, and boardroom brainstormers,” said Tom Puorro, executive vice president and general manager of global products at Poly. “Your video and audio conferencing devices are the last, most important mile for how you show up in a meeting and that makes all the difference in getting where you want to go. Poly Studio P Series gives you confidence that you can flawlessly deliver, every time.”


Poly Studio P5 Webcam

A personal webcam with camera optics optimised for video conferencing. Poly Studio P5 Webcam packs 1080p resolution and 4x digital zoom, comes with a built-in privacy shutter, directional microphone, and integrated USB connectivity for headsets for easy audio plug-and-play connectivity.


Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar

A personal video bar with 4K clarity, automatic camera framing, an integrated speaker and microphone array with advanced NoiseBlockAI technology.


Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display

A video conferencing display that includes a 21” display, camera, and audio all-in-one. Dynamic ambient lighting adjusts to illuminate and improve the user’s appearance and overall video quality. USB connectivity frees Poly Studio P21 to work with any video app that runs on a PC or Mac.


Poly Studio P5 Kit

The Poly Studio P5 webcam paired with a choice of personal device: A Poly headset or Poly Sync portable speakerphone. There are four out-of-the-box combinations with corded or wireless headset options from the Voyager and Poly Blackwire families, as well as kits that include Poly Sync.


For remote workers and small business owners who might not have access to dedicated IT, or for the IT manager who is looking for ways to manage and support a fleet of remote workers’ technology, the entire Poly Studio P Series comes with access to Poly Lens device management service through the new Poly Lens Desktop App.

In addition to the new Poly Studio P Series and Poly Lens, Poly is also announcing Poly+, an exclusive personal device support service to provide:

  • Enhanced 24/7 tech-support around the world, including phone, chat, web, and live video

  • An extended three-year product replacement and overnight device replacement

  • Single-app support across compatible Poly personal conferencing solutions

The Poly P Series allows users to connect to a cloud-based video provider of your choice, including: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTo by LogMeIn, and StarLeaf.

These products will be available for purchase in April 2021. The Poly Studio P15 is available for pre-order and is Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified.


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