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Poly Sync 10 All-in-One USB Speakerphone for Home Offices

Poly Adds Camera Input Capabilities with Video OS Update 3.2

Still using your laptop for calls? You’re seriously missing out. Turn any home office into a bona fide conference room with the easy-to-use, all-in-one Poly Sync 10 USB speakerphone. It delivers high-quality audio for calls, webinars, podcasts, music, and more. Its two-microphone steerable array reduces surrounding noise. And with clear, understandable touch controls, expect foolproof conference calls.

Simple and Easy to Use

User-Friendly, Worry-Free Operation

For the confidence of knowing your calls will go smoothly: Easy-to-use touch-sensitive controls, clear LED indicators, and clear, bright call status light bar.

Hear and Be Heard

Dynamic Audio that makes Conference Calls Seamless and Clear

The Poly Sync 10 USB speakerphone has a steerable two-microphone array that keeps surrounding noise out of your call. And its full duplex audio enables simultaneous conversations, on both ends of the call, so everyone on the call can be heard.

Works the Way you do

Durable, Space-Saving, and Works Seamlessly with your Favourite Apps

No matter your work style, this IP64 dust- and water-resistant speakerphone fits it like a glove. The Poly Sync 10 USB speakerphone is plug-and-play via USB-A or USB-C connection. Use apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams with no hassle. You’ll even free up table space, with its slim, dynamic design.



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