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This is how you Scrum with a Touchscreen

In recent years, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to designing an office. We have also learned a lot about the way we work. We have moved from a rigid hierarchical structure to a more relaxed approach. Employees have increasingly been given more control about how, where and when they do their work. And self-responsibility, co-creation, streamlining and creative ability became leading. It is therefore logical that this contemporary mindset is clearly reflected in the future workplace. With that in mind, we better be prepared for the modern workplace


Hello, and welcome to the world of agile working and scrum! Working in an organised way makes us all very happy. No matter at what age. So how does scrum help us and how do we learn to work differently?

Scrum zooms in on the things that deliver the most value in insightful sprints of two to a maximum of four weeks. Each sprint has a goal and delivers a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This is the first version of a product or service to be rolled out to the customer. We also learn to be transparent to each other in terms of planning. And our strengths and challenges are mapped out more clearly. It allows us to grow within your projects. Win-win situation.

An Extra Touch to Scrum

Within each industry and type of company there are various requirements when it comes to scrum. So, there are different scrum boards to choose from. It is a matter of experimenting with the layout of the board until you find the best visualization for your team. But where we still come across whiteboards or paper scrum boards stuck full of post-its - which may or may not be lying around everywhere - you can now think about a much more sustainable solution. What about a touchscreen?

The key to scrumming is that you meet regularly to go over your sprints in a reserved space. The budgets for physical office space are often not available. With a touchscreen in combination with online scrum tools, you no longer need to look for expensive additional office space. On one touchscreen, each team can create visual spaces within the desired online project management tools. This way, all your projects are centralized, and you can also share them from your laptop, tablet or phone.

No more hassle with written notes that you lose. Also, you don’t have to ask each other anymore what the latest version of a sprint was. This saves you a lot of administration.

Advantages Digital Scrumming

With one push on the button, you can change the status of your sprints to “inactive”, “in progress’’ or “done’’. Because you finish the sprints in real time, there is reason for a party every two weeks. Even the people who are scrumming remotely at that moment share the party joy.

To make your online scrum meetings maximally dynamic, you can also digitally post comments in whatever tool you’re working with. No paper notes that get lost, because you can save your digital annotations on the spot or share them with whomever you want. And it also saves a lot of written scribbles that make you wonder what they say.

In addition, you’re eager to present the Minimum Viable Product or perhaps even the end result to your customer online. On CTOUCH's touchscreens, you have the freedom to creatively organise your presentation.

But then what? Hybrid education combined with a touchscreen? How does it work? It is very simple. First of all, connect a video camera to the touchscreen. Via the video camera, the students at home can also see your happy face. Next, your students can very easily join your Teams meeting. From that moment on, all your students listen to the lesson together. Or they can work on an assignment together. And because everyone can see each other during the lessons and can work together, you ensure interaction.

Not quite convinced yet? Then check out our whitepaper on digital scrum with a touchscreen. You will be a scrum expert in no time!


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