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Yealink UH34 Series of USB Wired Headsets Certified for Microsoft Teams

Yealink UH34 Professional USB Wired Headset

The Yealink UH34 Lite (with foam ear cushions) and UH34 (with leatherette ear cushions) are professional USB wired headsets designed to provide professional users with crystal clear audio and a lightweight form factor that is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Simple & Flexible Connectivity

Runs right out of box, connect via USB to your PC. You can enjoy a reliable call experience with the soft client of your choice. The perfect match with Yealink IP phones gives you optimised audio quality.

Ultra-Lightweight, All-Day Wearing Comfort

Built for comfort with soft ear cushions and ultra-lightweight materials, the UH34 is 10%-30%* lighter than other headsets in the same range. Its ergonomic design makes this headset comfortable enough for long conference calls and all day use.

Unparalleled Audio Experience

Made for calls and music, the UH34 is kitted out with a high signal-to-noise ratio speaker and independent cavity design. The passive noise cancellation creates richer and clearer conversations with reduced background noise.

Intuitive Controller

The hand-held controller with LED indicator provides easier access to key call control capabilities, including answer call, end call, reject call, and mute/unmute.



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