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Use Your Mobile Phone as a Remote Control for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft has introduced a host of new features to Teams Rooms for Android, including the new Rooms Remote.

The tool, which is new to the Teams mobile app, lets users control room meetings from their mobile phone. Features include the ability to turn room cameras and microphones on and off, adjust volumes and change the layout of meetings.

Meanwhile, another new feature will let IT support staff complete the sign-in and provisioning of a Teams Rooms Device once it has been turned on. They do this remotely from the Teams Admin Center.

Teams Rooms can also be set up to accept “meet now” calls automatically, meaning the room can be brought into an ad-hoc meeting without the occupants having use a device to answer the call.

Improved Quality

Microsoft said that certain Teams Rooms are now able to transmit 1080p resolution, but the vendor warned that performance will depend on bandwidth, the condition of the Teams room and remote participants.

Content sharing via HDMI ingest is now available via Teams Room on Android for select rooms. Sharing will start automatically, with users also having the ability to control projection functionality through a new button on the Teams console.

Microsoft has also added live captioning for one-on-one calls, the ability for a presenter or organiser to lock meetings, and the option to hide meeting names in calendars.

How to Use Your Phone as a Remote Control for Microsoft Teams Rooms

  • The first requirement is that you have joined the Teams meeting from your mobile device.

  • At this point you could utilize Proximity Join to add a nearby room. If you select the arrow next to Join now, you'll see the option to Join and add a room.

  • The list of rooms shows both nearby and other rooms, nearby rooms are rooms that are detected through Proximity join.

  • You can add the Microsoft Teams Room to your meeting from here and depending on the proximity join settings in the room it will either join automatically or need someone to accept the incoming call. Fortunately, if the nearby room device is already in the meeting before I join, it will be detected after a few seconds and room audio will be selected automatically.

  • Once you have joined the meeting from your mobile device, there are two ways to access the room remote control. The first way is from the main meeting video screen. Long press and release on the video of the room.

  • In the menu of options for that feed, you'll see the Control room system option. The other way is to open the participants pane and select the room from the list of participants.

  • When selecting a room account you'll see the Control room system option in the list. As long as the room system is close by, the app will connect and show you the room remote controls.

  • The options in the remote control are the same as you can see on the center of room touch console. So you can turn the camera on/off, mute the room microphone, turn closed captions on/off, change the video layout and adjust the room speaker volume. To return to the meeting experience, tap the arrow in the top left corner.


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