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What's New in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has 37 new features and enhancements for Microsoft Teams. These updates will help you collaborate more effectively, simplify processes, and stay connected with your team. Read and learn more about the latest updates and how they can benefit you and your organisation. You will find something for everyone, from new enhancements to meetings to improvements in chats, meeting, Teams Phones, Teams Rooms and devices, webinars and townhalls, mobile, collborative apps, and frontline workers.

Microsoft's Steven Steins' favourite features are the new Coplit experience in Microsoft Teams Chat, you can access Copilt by clicking on the Copilot app above your chats. This new Copilot app has the same features as the Copilot you can access on, but it has now been improved with better prompts, shows Copilot chat history, and has a library of prompts. Teams Premium meeting protection on teams Rooms on Android, and watermarking abiliies for Teams Meetings.

Microsoft will highlight new devices that are certified and ready to use for Teams.

Chat and Collaboration

New Copilot experience in Microsoft Teams Chat

If you have a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license, you will see a new Copilot app pinned above your chats. This improved version of the Copilot App offers additional benefits over the app formaerly known as microsoft 365 Chat:

  • Improved prompts with details relevant to you (e.g. people you work with, your meetings, your files, etc.)

  • View your Copilot Chat history

  • Access to a library of prompts vie Copilot Lab

This capability is available for users with a Microsoft 365 Copilot license

Remove items from your activity feed

You have the option to remove ites from yur activity feed, so that you can concentrate on the most relevant notifications.

Control activity notifications from the activity card

You now have more control over what shows in your activity feed. By selecting the ellipsis from an activity card and choosing notification settings, you can change the settings for sound, display and more. This helps you to monitor the information that is most relevant to you.


New layout for content sharing in Together mode

With this new layout, you can see the video participants in Together mode at the bottom of the screen. All participants share a common background on a horizontal plane. This improves the feeling of connection between people in a meeting room and remote participants, making Together mode more useful for the times when content is shared or presented.

Teams Rooms and Devices

Find certified for Teams devices for all types of spaces and uses

Teams premium Meeting Protection on Teams Rooms on Android

In addition to watermarking for Teams meetings, users can now experience expanded capabilities of Teams Premium advanced meeting protection with end-to-end encrypted meetings as well as sensitivity labels for Teams Rooms on Android. These advanced protection options can be enabled by a meeting organiser with a Teams Premium license.

New Calendar Views on Teams Rooms on Android

The new calendar on Teams Rooms on Android shows you the schedule for today and tomorrow. A vertical colour bar next to each time slot that shows if the room is booked. The bar is purple for busy time slots and green for frr time slots.

Customisable Meeting Views for Teams Rooms on Android

During a meeting, you can adjust the layout of the front toom display in a Teams Room on Android more easily. IT admins also have more options to configure the panel using local device settings. This capability is available on all Teams Rooms licenses.

Control your Teams Room with your Windows PC on both Winows and Android

Previously available on mobile devices, you can now use room remote from your Windows PC for a convenient, contactless way to manage the room. To use the room remote, click "Yes" when you are prompted to control after joining the meeting with a room audio, or you can go to the list of meeting participants and click on the room name to select room remote from the dropdown menu. This feature is now available for Windows PC, in all Teams Rooms licenses.

Improvements to Teams rooms on Android with the 2024 Update 1 Release

The new Teams Rooms on Android release is now available and comes with design enhancements, more meeting layout control options, and stronger meeting security.

Newly Certified Teams Rooms Device

Personal Device

The Yealink BH70 Bluetooth headset is designed to work flawlessly with microsoft Teams, this advanced headset delivers rich, and natural sound. With its sleek design, intuitive controls, and long battery life, the Yealink BH70 Bluetooth headset is great for yoour Teams meetings and calls.

Article By: Steven Stein


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