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Yealink MP5 Series of Desktop Phones for Microsoft Teams

Yealink UH34 Professional USB Wired Headset

Organizations can do business only as well as they can communicate. In a world where work methods and locations are in flux, the flexibility, adaptability, and ease-of-use of companies’ communications equipment are vital.

With the introduction of the Teams-certified MP series of desktop phones, Yealink successfully continues its quest to provide the best communications equipment and services for companies of all sizes.

Brief history of Yealink and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications and collaboration platform that has evolved out of the company’s Skype and Skype for Business (SFB) products. From the outset, Yealink established a partnership with Microsoft and developed desk phones with deep integration with the Teams and SFB platforms. Microsoft Teams is considered the evolutionary next step beyond SFB and is set to eventually replace it. Indeed, SFB is expected to be retired by July 31, 2021 and migration to Teams is the recommended next step for existing systems.

In typical pioneering fashion, Yealink delivered the first Microsoft Teams-certified desk phone in the market. And now, Yealink extends its leadership in this space with its MP series of advanced Teams phones.

Characterized by stylish designs, the four phones in the MP family incorporate the set of requirements that are most often needed for entry-level, mid-range, and executive-level telephony needs. These phones deliver high-quality audio using wide band codecs, have large multi-touch screens, and, with the exception of the MP50 for UC workstations, are powered by the Android 9.0 operating system. They also sport a dedicated Teams button to get you collaborating at the touch of a button.

For those businesses that still have an SFB-based platform that is in the process of being migrated, the phones also support SFB.

Each of the four phones fits into a particular usage framework and is described below:

Yealink MP50

The MP50 for UC workstations is perfect for delivering the most essential communication features while maintaining a high level of quality. It includes a built-in 3-port USB hub to extend personal PC USB port usage. The phone has a 4-inch 480x800-pixel touch screen, delivers HD audio, supports Bluetooth pairing for headsets and mobile phones, and a full duplex hands-free speakerphone. This is a Microsoft Teams-only phone that functions when it is connected via USB to a PC using the Teams platform.

Yealink MP54

The cost-effective MP54 is ideal for office workers, front desks, and common areas. It sports a 4-inch 800x480-pixel touch screen, HD audio, and a magnet handset. This phone is also capable of functioning as both a Teams device and SIP endpoint, in what Yealink calls hybrid mode.

Yealink MP56

The MP56 mid-range phone delivers the same look and feel as the MP54 but with a larger 7-inch touch screen and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Yealink MP58

The MP58 executive-level phone sports all of the aforementioned features plus a 7-inch touch screen with a higher resolution of 1024x600 pixels and can be connected to up to three EXP50 expansion modules, adding more functionality with the addition of 20 physical keys per module.



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