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Poly Studio R30 Small Room Kit



With Poly Studio Room kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms, the only thing that won’t come through crisp and clear are outside distractions. Whether you’re on a one-on-one video call in a focus room or presenting from a large conference room, these intuitive meeting solutions deliver premier audio quality with Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology, and immersive video from 4k highres, smart camera technology with Poly DirectorAI. Complete with productionlevel framing and speaker tracking that places every face in the room front and center, you have technology that helps the whole team be seen and heard clearly— no matter where they work.

Poly Studio R30 Small Room Kit

Kathea does not sell direct to the market but we would be very happy to offer our expertise to help you to determine which solution will be best for your environment and then match you to one of our highly skilled and reputable partners.

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