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Interactive Touchscreens for your Meetings

Flexibility and remote working will become the norm in the future, if they are not already. Employees are becoming increasingly mobile and less tied to working hours and the old-fashioned office. Fortunately, the technological possibilities these days are endless. Not only to make remote collaboration possible, but especially to keep distributed teams together. In a safe and easy way. Ready for some trends, tips and how-to's?

The Thrill of Touchscreen Collaboration

CTOUCH helps organisations create a modern workplace in which people can collaborate more efficiently. We stimulate interactivity, productivity and involvement during meetings, workshops and anywhere else too, for that matter. Wondering how? By implementing the endless possibilities of touchscreens! For inspiration. For sharing knowledge. For so many things! That way, we provide you with support for any environment in which you would like to be or which requires more collaboration. We’ll take care of that!

No More Bullsh*t Meetings

Are you done with all those pointless and boring meetings? And do you yearn for an agile meeting culture within your company? With an interactive touchscreen, you get more involvement and interaction. Share your laptop, phone or tablet wirelessly with your team within seconds. Take notes on the content at the same time. And plan your next meeting directly from the touchscreen. Experience a whole new level of effective and interactive collaboration!

Kathea- CTOUCH Riva The team standup mee

Video Conferencing is Booming

More and more companies are using videoconferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers. No matter where they are. What if you used your Zoom or Teams account on a large interactive touchscreen? You'd be surprised at just how easy it works. Distance is no longer a setback for a productive and fun meeting!


Future-Proof & Sustainable

Be prepared for the modern workplace of the future with our modular collaboration solutions. From whiteboarding and easy screen sharing to videoconferencing or full collaboration. Whatever your needs are, we’ll support you with the perfect fit. And when your needs change, simply upgrade the BRIX module in your touchscreen and you're set to go! Only pay for what you need. Future-proof. And sustainable!

Digital Scrumming on a Touchscreen

Are you also tired of piles of documents and post-its lying around? And would you like to save on physical office space? Welcome to the world of digital scrumming! With our touchscreens and Agile tools like Trello, Jira, Nureva and Mural you can easily create visual spaces for your projects. Swipe from sprint to sprint, place your digital notes and store them in the cloud. Meetings become an interactive and creative party!


Virtual Meetings, Online Training Sessions & Webinars

It can be quite a challenge to invite dozens of people to a physical location at the same time. Especially now that remote working will play an increasingly important role in business. But how do you ensure interactivity and engagement in this new way of working together? How about a virtual training room? It feels just as if everyone is actually in the room. No more boring presentations from your laptop, but interactive and dynamic meetings, online training sessions and webinars. Can you see yourself shining?

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