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A Rock Solid Solution Called BRIX

We all work in different ways with different needs. And the way we work today can be completely different from the way we’ll work the upcoming years. Wouldn’t it be great if the tools that you are working with today, can still be used in the way you’ll be working tomorrow? Sounds complicated? Not at all. Get familiar with our ‘BRIX’ family.

Whiteboarding & Screen Sharing

No more bullsh*t meetings! Share your work and get your ideas flowing on the touchscreen.



Feeling lonely? Get together - via Microsoft Teams or Zoom - and show them your happy face.



When you are ready for the next big thing in the world of collaboration in Office 365.



Combine the power of touchscreen interactivity with Zoom! With CTOUCH For Zoom, we provide you with a ready-to-go integration of a touchscreen solution in a Zoom Rooms environment. Want an all-in-one solution with a consistent enterprise experience for Zoom video conferencing in your meeting rooms? Then CTOUCH For Zoom is your best choice!

Brix Solutions

CTOUCH For Teams Go

Turn your CTOUCH touchscreen into the most flexible and efficient device for teamwork. Combine the power of touchscreen interactivity with videoconference applications of your choice, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Pexip or Google Meet. Working agile with Miro or Jira? Simply launch any type of collaboration session straight from your touchscreen!


CTOUCH Essentials

Designed to share digital content within seconds. Wirelessly and safely. The CTOUCH BRIX Essentials is there to make you shine. Combine your presentations with the infinite whiteboard and annotation tool. Walk up to the board and let your team’s ideas flow. Comined with our touchscreen, this collaboration solution makes meetings matter again!



Take wireless sharing and interactive whiteboarding to the next level. The super user-friendly CTOUCH Pro is designed to share digital content within seconds. Walk up to the board and start collaborating right away! This CTOUCH BRIX module delivers you the modern workplace experience.

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