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5 Reasons to Choose Kathea's MeetMe Service for Cloud Videoconferencing

I’m sure you already know that videoconferencing is a great tool for business communication. By connecting teams face-to-face, you can build stronger relationships, boost your team’s productivity, and save money on travel. I presume you also understand the benefits of cloud-based video and how it can scale with you to support users on any device, anywhere. But when it’s time to choose the best solution, you’re faced with a mountain of options. Vendors’ claims all sound great on paper, but how will you ever decide which service is best for you?

Allow us to humbly explain how MeetMe powered by Videxio is different.

1. You can connect to any device through any method


We all have different ways of working. Some of us prefer to join meetings in the office through a web browser, desktop client, or dedicated videoconferencing unit. Others spend time on the road and need to join calls from their mobile device. Some like audio calls, and some like video calls. Regardless of how you work, you need a service that meets your needs. One that makes it easy for you to join meetings how you want, and lets others join meetings how they want.

MeetMe provides this flexibility. You can join video calls and meetings in a number of ways including:

  • Web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.)

  • Desktop clients

  • Videoconferencing units (from Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, etc.)

  • Mobile devices (with the My Meeting Video app)

When a company rolls out a collaboration tool at scale, like Skype for Business, it can be difficult to connect users to videoconferencing systems on other networks. Organizations often use different video services and technologies that do not play nice together.

For instance, one business may have Skype for Business, while its law firm has videoconferencing endpoints, while its PR firm has MeetMe or a similar service. This results in huge inter-company communication challenges and slows down the pace of business.

MeetMe brings these worlds together with our gateway service.

We can help extend the reach of Skype for Business by allowing users to call endpoint devices and vice versa, all within a familiar Skype for Business environment. No more clunky workflows or wasted meeting minutes. MeetMe helps you talk to anyone, regardless of which device or service they use.

2. Our Global Network provides better quality video meetings and calls

Ever seen a colleague’s face freeze because the video connection dropped? Or a pixelated video that lags behind audio? Unfortunately, issues like this are all too common on many videoconferencing services. With services that rely on the public internet, your video traffic competes with other media traffic, and doesn’t always win. This results in choppy connections and frustrating meetings.

MeetMe powered by Videxio is built its own dedicated network - just for video - to solve these challenges. With nearly 20 points of presence (PoPs) from Washington to Johannesburg and Oslo to Tokyo, this network provides superior HD quality compared to the competition and is the most comprehensive global network of its type in the industry. If one connection to a PoP drops, you’ll have nearly 20 layers of redundancy to pick up your media traffic.

For the nerds in the room, you can rest assured that video calls and meetings will have nominal latency, jitter, and packet loss over this multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network. Just ask any of our users in 12,000 cities spread across 190 countries.

Bottom line? MeetMe gets quality-related distractions out of the way, so you can get down to business.

3. Get more from your videoconferencing endpoint investments with a cloud service subscription

Dedicated videoconferencing units (SIP devices) from the likes of Cisco, Polycom, and Huawei provide top-of-the-line meeting experiences. They can bring face-to-face meetings to life with large displays and share others’ screens with crystal-clear quality. MeetMe brings these devices into your company’s video fabric so they are used and loved by all.

Tying these devices to a cloud service like MeetMe can help you get more from your devices today and tomorrow. With an endpoint subscription to our service, you can join meetings with the push of a button using meeting room mode (available on premium), which pulls meetings straight from your calendar. You’ll also have access to our global network, so your calls are safe and secure.

If your video units receive end-of-life notices, no sweat. You’ll always have the latest and greatest technology from our cloud service.

4. Make direct video calls - no need to schedule a formal meeting

Unlike other videoconferencing services, you can use MeetMe powered by Videxio just like a phone for point-to-point conversations.

While scheduled meetings have their place, this gives you the ability to call someone adhoc with a quick question, or easily add others to the conversation. It’s a great way to cut down email clutter, expedite your communications & decisions and helps you build stronger relationships with your colleagues.

5. Camera shy? You can still use join meetings in audio-only mode

When it’s not possible to use video, or when you’re not camera-ready, you can still talk to colleagues over audio, just as you would with any conference call service. This is also a great option when your WiFi connection is spotty (say, at an airport). You can stay connected with colleagues using less bandwidth so you don’t miss a beat.

MeetMe powered by Videxio provides a better way to work so organizations can fulfill their purpose, and we do this by improving business communication through professional-grade videoconferencing. If you’re ready to get personal and get more business done, we’d love to talk. Simply click the banner below to get started with MeetMe today.

Article By: Tim Sheehan



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