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5 Ways to Convince Your Team of the Benefits of Videoconferencing

Article by Tom Banks, Videxio

Do you really feel like you have found the right solution for your team with videoconferencing? If only you could convince them of how simple it is, and how much it will help offer your team greater flexibility and collaboration.

However, whilst many of us have experienced live video meetings or calls, some of your team may have had bad experiences with low quality or difficult to use video platforms in the past. This types of experiences can make people hesitant to video collaboration being introduced as a day to day tool in your workspace.

The great news is that cloud videoconferencing makes it easy to manage and join video meetings from almost any device, whilst offering the kind of reliable, professional-grade performance that people will learn to love.

However, as with any new business tool, half the battle is just getting people to adopt new habits. To help you along the way we have gathered some tips of what you should tell them to get excited and on board.

1. Emphasise the convenience

Make sure you emphasise that videoconferencing lets you work efficiently anywhere you want, from any device you’d like. Having flexibility to work how and where you like is really valuable for many teams and individuals today.

So forget always having to dress up in your full office uniform for your next meeting. When you’re working from home, all you need to do is put on a crisp white shirt for your top half, and your bottom half is for your eyes only. Maybe your favorite sweatpants, or how about a kilt? The choice is yours. You can of course dress up if you prefer. But it’s completely up to you.

Also, if you have to take the kids to a hospital appointment, or you need to wait for the plumber, the freedom and knowledge you can work productively makes maintaining a healthy work-life balance easier for everyone.

And what’s that you say? There’s another snow storm coming and you’re stuck in the house, with roads, trains, and planes all closed? Guess what, it doesn’t matter. Sit in your living room by the fire and don’t sweat it. Just meet your colleagues in your virtual meeting room instead.  

Read more about the benefits of videoconferencing here.

2. No need to travel

Videoconferencing makes it possible to meet team members at other offices or clients face-to-face, without always having to travel.

Almost every organization that uses videoconferencing widely attests that travel expenses are greatly reduced. But it’s not just the lower cost of travel, but the reduced time spent on the road for your team members. This means they can spend more time actually being productive, and at home with their family.

What team wouldn’t want to avoid coming home from work, exhausted from traveling and long hours. And not only is a great practical opportunity for your team, but it can widen the net for potential clients, since you can offer true customer delivery for clients in different locations when you know you can offer them face-to-face interaction wherever they are.  

3. Videoconferencing is as good as being there, and can be more efficient

Let’s not undervalue the power of face-to-face communication. Whilst email and chat channels can be great for supporting remote or distributed team members, nothing can beat the power of actual human interaction between people rather screens.

The best technology will let you feel like you are there and lets you schedule meetings quickly and easily. With high quality sound and visuals your meeting will feel like the other team members are in the room with you. You also don’t have to worry about the size of the table or the number of chairs. Everyone can join at the same time, regardless.

4. Let them know how it will let them stay connected

Could videoconferencing makes it possible to utilize high quality HD calls and meetings. This will enhance the present feeling of the team members you are meeting with through video.

A good videoconferencing service will give you high quality picture and sound and will let you feel like you are in the same room as your colleagues. This is great for building personal relationships and trust between team members who only rarely, or never meet up in person, encouraging the same level of cooperation and teamwork as in teams who working in the same office together everyday.

The ability to talk to your team members as though your in the same place, makes you feel connected. Videoconferencing is fast and easy. You don’t have to leave your desk, chair or couch to get to the meeting.

5. Tell them how easy it really is

Videoconferencing is really easy to use. As cloud video is compatible on any device, all you need is your WiFi to connect with your fellow employees and customers whenever you need.

Each virtual meeting room has a unique link, which makes it really easy for your users and guests to join a meeting. Guests don’t need anymore than a web browser and the room link to join. So you can share your meeting room with absolutely anyone in seconds and start a new meeting almost instantly.

And you can even schedule and join new video meeting on the go using your mobile device or tablet, with our professional videoconferencing app, My Meeting Video.   

So there's really no need to wait. Let your team know right away and contribute to making their work day easier and more efficient for everyone involved. Both your team, your clients, and yourself.



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