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Best Conference Phones for 2018

Conference calls are crucial for the productivity of any business.

As companies continue to serve a widespread selection of diverse customers, connect with remote workers around the globe, and offer solutions for mobile working, conference phones allow communication to remain clear and consistent.

Today’s conference phones are packed full of amazing features intended to take your business to the next level. Here, we’re going to look at some of the best conference phones to hit the market in 2018.

1. Yealink CP960

The Yealink CP960 is an impressive HD conference phone, featuring a 12.7cm touchscreen you can use to access all your call management needs. The easy-to-use Android system makes it easier for anyone to load up a conference and start collaborating in no time. This is crucial in today’s age of agile business innovation. Up to 5 parties can join a meeting with the Yealink CP960 at once, and your caller information will display on the touchscreen, so you don’t lose track of who you’re talking to. Features include:

  • 3 built-in microphones

  • 6m microphone pickup range

  • Ideal for larger conference rooms

  • 7cm Android touchscreen

  • 20-foot 360-degree dead-zone-free pickup

  • Yealink noise proof technology to eliminate distraction

  • Automatic muting when people aren’t speaking

2. Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800

Part of the “RealPresence” portfolio, the Polycom Trio 8800 is an innovative conferencing device designed specifically for larger enterprises that need multiple people to communicate effectively at the same time. By marrying Polycom’s world-class audio-conferencing experience with world-class content and business video, the Polycom Trio provides users with a more immersive unified communication experience. What’s more, the Trio’s sleek design makes it a stunning piece of hardware to place in any office or meeting room environment. Features we love include:

  • Option to use your personal device to join a conference via Bluetooth/NFC, wired USB or IP

  • Exceptional sound quality over the cloud

  • On-screen virtual keyboard

  • 3 Cardioid microphones

  • 6m microphone pickup range

  • 7cm colour LCD display

3. Snom C520

A delightfully modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for businesses of any size, the Snom C520 takes advantage of Bluetooth and DECT technology to keep conferencing cord-free. The C520 also features three state-of-the-art microphones. One is built into the full duplex main base station, while two extra DECT microphones can be placed wherever you like in your conference room. Other exceptional features of the Snom C520 include:

  • Full duplex speaker with HD voice quality

  • Flexible support for up to 3 SIP identities with simultaneous call management

  • DECT and Bluetooth support so meeting attendees can join from their personal devices

  • 70 hours of standby time from the built-in batteries

  • Smart conferencing features

  • Portability with built-in charging stations

4. Jabra Speak 710

The Jabra Speak 710 is a conference phone and speakerphone that combines sensational sound with easy meeting room conference. This portable conferencing solution works with all USB headsets and speakerphones designed by Jabra, so you can create the meeting room experience that’s best suited to your organisation. All that, and Jabra also provides Speak 710 users with access to immersive audio delivered through an omnidirectional microphone and HD speaker. Features we love include:

  • An omnidirectional microphone with 360 voice coverage

  • HD voice and wideband audio

  • The option to play music without distortion (At any volume level)

  • Plug and play connectivity for easy adoption

  • Portable design ideal for on-the-go meetings and huddle rooms

  • Option to pair two Jabra Speak 710 devices wirelessly

5. Konftel 300IP

The Konftel 300IP is a SIP-based conference phone solution intended to simplify quick web-based interactions. There’s a bridge built-in for five-way calls, as well as a convenient web-based configuration with Power over Ethernet support for portability. Konftel offers users an opportunity to expand their conferencing experience with a range of options intended to give your communication strategy greater range. Additionally, the 300IP also comes with the Konftel high-quality OmniSound HD technology, which keeps your conversations crystal clear. Other fantastic features include:

  • Up to 30m2 range

  • 1m built-in microphone

  • Ideally suited for small conference rooms

  • Portability

  • LCD display

  • Updates delivered over the cloud

  • Zero-touch installation

  • Recording available on memory card

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Article By: Rebekah Carter - UC Today



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