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BRIX: A Rock Solid & Future Proof Solution for Touchscreens

A rock solid solution. They call it BRIX. Be future proof with CTOUCH's modular platform without replacing your entire touchscreen.

What is BRIX

We all work in different ways with different needs. And the way we work today can be completely different from the way we’ll work the upcoming years. Wouldn’t it be great if the tools that you are working with today, can still be used in the way you’ll be working tomorrow? Sounds complicated? Not at all. Get familiar with our ‘BRIX’ family.

Do you want long lasting hardware and software? Easily upgrade your BRIX solution to your needs. We'll support you with the perfect fit.

Sustainability and Circularity

We are able to extend the lifespan of our touchscreens by upgrading the BRIX over time. As a result we save you a lot of money and together we reduce loads of CO2 emission. Yes, we’re talking about a win-win situation here.

The BRIX Advantages

1. Pay for what you need

Whiteboarding and easy screen sharing might already match your collaboration needs. Your needs change? Transform your meeting room into a futuristic huddle. For instance simply integrate a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business BRIX module. You can do this when you and your team are ready.

2. Exchangeable whenever you want and easy to upgrade

Migrating from a CTOUCH solution to another is a piece of cake. Quickly gear up your workspaces with the modules that meet your needs.

3. Sustainable

Why would we produce an entirely new touchscreen if we can satisfy your needs with a simple upgrade? After all long lasting software saves us a lot of CO2 emission!


Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our CTOUCH Solutions!

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