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Catching Up with Videxio Mid-Merger

As Videxio and Pexip finalise merger plans, we caught up with Karl Hantho to discuss the Videxio future

Merging with another business is a busy time for any company, especially for leading video conferencing providers like Videxio and Pexip who have a keen eye eagerly awaiting some news.

UC Today caught up with Karl Hantho, President for Americas at Videxio, to see how the video giants were getting on six weeks since we broke the news of the intent to merge.

Merger was Natural

Karl explained the merger was logical for both companies, with many similarities when comparing both businesses. Of similar size, and clearly similar product portfolios, Karl suggested the future of both brands is to integrate all staff then grow the business even further.

Both Videxio and Pexip have similar linear edges and customers experiencing the same problems. Getting video meetings and collaboration right first time is obviously hot topic in the industry right now, and customers of both companies iterated this. Both Videxio and Pexip’s are rapidly growing companies, both share a go to market strategy via the channel, and they even had overlapping partners that could sell either solution.

The coming together of these two video giants will strengthen both parties on a technology level. Karl eagerly awaits the addition of introducing the as-a-Service model.

“This merger allows partners to address the same problems as before, but leave the deployment to the customer. They can choose to go on-prem or consume from the cloud”.

Merger Process

Karl talked us through the processes completed so far. Videxio and Pexip have already gone through board approval, shareholder approval and are currently observing the six week cool off period set by Norwegian law.

The decision to take the Pexip name has already been announced. Karl said the reason behind this was mainly down to Pexip’s outstanding relationship with vendors like Google and Microsoft. As Videxio becomes Pexip, likely in the new year, it won’t be a surprise to see further integrations and interoperability across the video conferencing market. Both Videxio and Pexip are set to complete their existing product roadmap pre and post completion.

Videxio Roadmap

Lindsey Baine, Marketing Manager for Americas at Videxio, also provided us with an exclusive insight into Videxio latest feature release. Meeting Connect will allow users to walk into a meeting room, scan the QR code for the particular meeting and join via your mobile device.

The video system works by recognising the QR code, connecting to your calendar and dialling our to your mobile phone. Furthermore, this functionality is not restricted to Videxio systems. Interoperability is the cornerstone of both Videxio and Pexip. So, it’s no surprise to learn that the Meeting Connect functionality will be available in conjunction with video platforms like Cisco Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Videxio are keen believers of “People just want to join the meeting.”

Regardless of the technology in place, user experience remains critical to deployment in video conferencing. The ability to join first time, every time is a key factor into the Meeting Connect strategy. Removing the need to constantly switch platforms or devices when joining a video meeting is a refreshing change to clattering around and trying to dial in.

Article By: Dominic Kent

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