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Condeco Meeting Room Screens: The Perfect Addition to a Smarter Workspace

Kathea: Condeco Meeting Room Screens

No more meeting room clashes or no-shows. With Condeco's beautifully designed touch screens outside your meeting rooms you can reduce friction as everyone can clearly see if the space is free or booked. It means it’s the end of meeting room clashes, giving

your workforce visibility of room availability and the freedom to easily book a room right when

they need to.

Manage your Space Seamlessly

Condeco's meeting room screens clearly show the meeting title, the host’s name, the start time and duration of any bookings, eliminating conflict and confusion. Every user can see upcoming meetings for the rest of the day and select available times to book. The screens display the room status using LED indicators (green, amber and red), offering 180° visibility to quickly identify if the room is available, booked or in use, even from a distance. The screens are seamlessly connected to our meeting room booking software, ensuring a consistent view of availability and bookings across the entire solution.

Key Features

Kathea: Condeco Meeting Room Screens

Visible Meeting Information

Detailed meeting information displayed directly outside the room on a high-resolution touch screen.

180° Status Lights

Red, amber and green LED lights with 180° visibility enable you to see if the room is available, booked or occupied, even from a distance.

RFID Access Card Reader

The built-in card reader supports a wide range of RFID access cards. To complete a booking, or to check in, just tap your card on the device.


See availability of the room across the day and easily book by selecting available times.


Ask the meeting host to check-in upon arrival. Condeco can automatically cancel bookings that have not been checked into, freeing up the room for others to use.

End or Extend

Need a bit more time in the room? Extend your booking on the screen. Finished early? Use the touch screen to end the meeting, releasing the room for others to book.

Manage and Monitor

All your screens can be managed from a cloud-based dashboard that includes usage statistics, device health monitoring with remote restart and automatic software updates.

Customizable Screen Themes

Give your screens a unique look, apply a theme to a single screen, a group of screens, or your entire office – all in a matter of seconds.

Reports on Room Usage

Each screen gathers essential meeting data, enabling you to gain insight into how the room is being used and who turns up for their meetings.

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