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Considering buying a Touchscreen? Here's what you need to look for!

What do you take into consideration when shopping for a new TV for your living room? The price? Yup. The resolution? Undoubtedly. The size? Definitely. Free Netflix subscription? Well, thank you. For our own purchases, we often have a clear idea of what we consider important. And we know what to look for.

But when it comes to tenders or investments, the game is totally different. Whether it is your colleagues from the IT department, HR, the board members or the actual users of devices: everyone has different interests and opinions. With a bit of bad luck, you have no choice but to hire an (expensive) advisor to make sure you are making the right choice for your organisation.

Touchscreen in a hybrid working environment

Hybrid working is already seen as “the great next disruption”. But with hybrid working environments come new challenges. Working together remotely for instance. How do you ensure, for example, that people who are at the office can work well together with colleagues working from home? Smart technology is essential here. A touchscreen is an absolute must in your hybrid working environment. Touch belongs wherever work is carried out, from the reception to the huddle space and from the boardroom to the training rooms.

What to think about?

Has your organisation decided to improve teamwork, knowledge sharing and interaction with the help of one or more touchscreens? Well done! Then the first step in the right direction has been taken! But now what? What should you pay attention to? Here it comes:

1. Usability

Duh. Surprising, is it not? We know. But make no mistake. If you have ever switched from your mobile phone to another one from a different brand, you know what we mean. Sometimes it takes time to get used to a new way of working. So, make sure you have experienced a touchscreen at least once. Think about what applications are used in your company. A wireless screen sharing option is more important in a presentation room than in a brainstorming room, while a training room should support software for educational purposes.

2. Scalability

Of course, you do not have a crystal ball. But what will your organisation be like in three years? How many colleagues will you have by then? And will you be renovating? Or are you going to redesign the office and the workplaces? You may have an idea, but you can't be 100% sure yet. It is important that technology is scalable, so that it can grow with you. The same goes for touchscreens. After all, the way we work is constantly changing. So, it is nice if you can upgrade your screen from time to time. And without having to make completely new investments. That way, you are also working sustainably.

3. Secure working environment

Every so often, you want to return to the office. We get that. We also understand that you want to write up your notes at home or while on the go afterwards. With touch, you choose interaction, dynamism, and engagement.

Cybersecurity is a subject we can no longer ignore. Every day, the newspapers are full of news about hacks and data leaks. Or with news about company-sensitive data ending up in the public domain in other ways. Sometimes deliberately, but often also very accidentally. And as an organisation, you must take this into account. How do you ensure that people who work from home do so safely? And how do you safeguard the data floating around on the office network?

The touchscreen plays a key role in the meeting room and is accessible to everyone in the company. It's essential that it meets your security needs. If you choose a touchscreen without an operating system, this will ensure optimal security. No software updates are required. No data storage is lost unnecessarily. And no apps can be installed that can cause data breaches or allow unauthorized access. If you choose a touchscreen with an operating system, check if you can turn off or lock data, video/USB ports and menu settings.

Your hybrid office with touch

That’s where touch belongs! And now you know what to consider. Are you already curious about the functionality of our touchscreen solutions? Then check out our touchscreens.

If you're still looking for more information about the benefits of touch, we can give you many more tips! In our whitepaper, we tell you more about how an interactive touchscreen contributes to optimal cooperation.


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