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CTOUCH integrates Leddura 2Meet with Microsoft Teams

Leddura 2Meet Teams offers the best of both worlds – wireless mirroring with a safe and controlled environment on a touchscreen that brings to bear all the benefits of Microsoft Teams.

CTOUCH has announced a new collaboration system fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. The launch of Leddura 2Meet Teams follows the successful launch of Leddura 2Meet Skype for Business back in 2017, and CTOUCH aims to make the transition to Microsoft Teams group collaboration as easy as can be.

“You’re not mirroring your own device like the majority of the UC&C solutions. We present a solution that offers the best of both worlds: you can mirror wirelessly, but also work in a safe and controlled environment on the large touchscreen giving you all the benefits of the Microsoft Teams environment,” said CTOUCH CEO Remmelt van der Woude.

The all-in-one integrated system allows users to draw, meet, share and book a room directly on a large touchscreen while fully using the power of Microsoft Teams. It has a simple user interface with only three buttons so even non-tech-savvy customers can make a presentation fearlessly.

“We have teamed up with leading brands such as Barco Clickshare for wireless connectivity and JBL Live Stage (virtual) 80 watt surround sound and far field array microphones to ensure the best possible user experience,” said van der Woude.

The new Leddura Teams is fully compatible with Barco Clickshare and has additional tools for engaging meetings. The CTOUCH Sticky Notes scenario makes group collaboration easy, fast and more fun. In-house CTOUCH R&D capabilities allow for regular software add-ons that improve simplicity of use and collaboration.

A new human detection function recognises if someone is in the room. It will also auto activate and welcome users The system is compatible with Skype for business and voice recognition technologies such as Cortana and Google Assistant.

The new 2Meet Teams is based on Skype for Business/Teams technology in a reliable Windows 10 IoT environment. Easy maintenance for the IT department is supported via a web-based portal for configuring and updating devices.


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