CTOUCH Launches Two Innovative Touchscreen Solutions for Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

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CTOUCH introduces two new collaboration solutions to the corporate market: CTOUCH For Teams Go and For Teams Talk. Both solutions bring interactivity and engagement into offices spaces, meeting rooms and board rooms. They provide a frictionless connection between Microsoft Teams environments and interactive touchscreens.

What’s so special? All you need to do is BNBY: Bring Nothing But Yourself. Via secured authentication, meeting organizers can safely access their Microsoft Teams channels and documents on-screen in a meeting room, without having to bring a personal device into the room. And without anyone being able to access your personal Teams account afterwards. On top of that, meetings that are organized via Microsoft Teams become a lot more interactive and stimulate workplace happiness, when using a CTOUCH touchscreen with a For Teams solution.

Two Solutions, One Goal: From Teamwork to Dreamwork

CTOUCH For Teams Go and CTOUCH For Teams Talk seamlessly fit into organizations that would like to fully benefit from their Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams environment in their office spaces. With CTOUCH For Teams Go, you stay connected with colleagues and collaborate simultaneously on a digital whiteboard or in Office 365 documents. Need video conferencing functionality as well? With CTOUCH For Teams Talk you have it all. People working from home can see everyone in the meeting room, while everyone in the office can see the remote workers on the big screen. CTOUCH For Teams solutions are efficient, secure and full of engagement.

Part of CTOUCH’ Corporate ‘BRIX’ Family

Not all meeting rooms have the same needs. The CTOUCH For Teams solutions are part of the CTOUCH BRIX family of collaboration solutions. CTOUCH BRIX is a unique, modular concept that uses a touchscreen as a platform that can be upgraded when needs change. This can be done without replacing an entire touchscreen. You can simply upgrade to a fitting BRIX solution and you are ready to go! The result? It saves time, money and above all, we reduce loads of CO2 emission by extending the lifespan of the touchscreen.

On top of that, each BRIX solution brings its own interactive collaboration experience, depending on the purpose of the meeting room. In comparison to traditional solutions, CTOUCH BRIX solutions bring a unified user interface across the entire line-up to the table. That way, the needs and functionality of the meeting rooms can differ, but the way people use and experience the touchscreen devices are the same.

Let’s zoom in on the features

Check out the features below and get a taste of a truly collaborative CTOUCH For Teams meeting.

Room booking at your service

Got a killer meeting in store? Simply book a room via Outlook or Microsoft Teams. Or just walk up to the touchscreen to check room availability and start collaborating with your team right away.

Connect safely and secure

At the start of the meeting, safely connect to Microsoft Teams and access your prepared files. How? By authenticating your credentials with your mobile device, without anyone in the room being able to see your password.


Add an extra dimension to the meeting with videoconferencing (only available on For Teams Talk). Seeing everyone while you are working together on that new spreadsheet or presentation helps to keep a lively spirit.

Advanced whiteboarding

Write, mark and annotate directly on the touchscreen. And the best part is: you’ll never run out of writing space. Advanced whiteboard features allow you to use digital sticky notes. And no magnificent handwriting needed. Text recognition will have your back.

Easy web surfing with the built-in web browser

With the integrated web browser you can visit any website you want. No additional device is needed. Once the browser is open, you can still write down your ideas, even while video content is playing.

Share your work and exit

When your meeting is done, easily share your updates files in your Microsoft Teams channel. Or send notes and files directly from the touchscreen to all attendees. Exit your meeting and it automatically clears all your data. No secrets are left behind.

Combine this BRIX with a Touchscreen

Every BRIX needs a touchscreen. To use our CTOUCH For Teams solutions, you’ll need to combine them with a CTOUCH touchscreen. The recently introduced CTOUCH Riva is a BRIX compatible touchscreen platform that is capable of providing the Teams Room experience modern businesses are asking for.

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