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CTOUCH Pro: Wireless Share Like a Pro!

Poly Adds Camera Input Capabilities with Video OS Update 3.2

Take wireless sharing and interactive whiteboarding to the next level. The super user-friendly CTOUCH Pro is designed to share digital content within seconds. Walk up to the board and start collaborating right away! This CTOUCH BRIX module delivers you the modern workplace experience.


Bring Your Own Device

Got a killer meeting in store? Bring your own device and share your documents wirelessly from any device on the big touchscreen. Get your presentation up and running within seconds. Just type in one simple access code to unlock the magic of Voila, the simplest wireless display solution. Via an app or your web browser, it’s up to you.

Add a Touch of Writing and Annotation

Write, mark and annotate directly on the touchscreen. And the best part is: you’ll never run out of writing space. Advanced whiteboard features allow you to use digital sticky notes. And no magnificent handwriting needed. Text recognition will have your back. Write here, write now

Room booking at your service

Booking a meeting room has never been more relaxed! Simply book a room via Outlook. Or just walk up to the touchscreen, check room availability and start collaborating with your team right away! ​

Easy Web Surfing

With the integrated web browser you can visit any website you want. No additional device is needed. Once the browser is open, you can still write down your ideas, even while video content is playing.

Compatibility Verified by CTOUCH: Barco ClickShare

Already a Barco ClickShare user? No problem! Our touchscreens are fully compatible with Barco ClickShare. And not just from a software perspective. On the hardware side, we've made sure that you can easily mount a Barco ClickShare CSE200. Enjoy all the perks of ClickShare and the ease of working with our touchscreens and BRIX solutions.

Safely Share Your Creations

When your meeting is done, easily share your notes via email directly from the screen to all attendees. Exit your meeting and it automatically clears all your data. No secrets are left behind.

Intel Certified Partner

CTOUCH is a trusted technology partner of Intel. Our PC modules (also called OPS) include 8th gen Intel processors to make sure both educational and professional applications run smoothly.


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