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CTOUCH reveals Leddura 2Meet

Eindhoven, February 2018 - CTOUCH Europe has announced the new Leddura 2Meet, the complete meeting room solution designed to create a more collaborative and accessible experience for every meeting room.

Leddura 2Meet is the ideal meeting collaboration system for lean and agile teams. It was specially designed to help all teams that focus on efficiency as a top priority. Based on Skype for Business, this solution enhances effective collaboration, with any device, no matter where you are.

1. Video Conferencing via Skype for Business

Call other Skype for business or consumer Skype users, H323 devices or phone numbers. The advanced ambient noise reduction and echo cancellation captures one’s voice clearly and removes the unwanted sounds from the microphone signal.

2. Share wirelessly

Share documents wirelessly and interact with colleagues. Whether using iPhones, Android, Windows phones, Mac or PC, one can now display up to four devices at a time! All in a secure and reliable environment.

3. Draw - Multi-touch Whiteboard

Meeting participants can launch the multi-touch whiteboard instantly, with one touch, and simply start drawing. All attendees have the ability to write, edit and share documents or add pages simultaneously. Participants can use Office 365 , browse the internet, or even install their own company’s apps.

4.Unique Room booking system

Schedule a meeting in the Outlook calendar, go to the meeting room and touch the screen to start the meeting. If someone does not attend a meeting that they booked, Leddura 2Meet will automatically free the room 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

User-Friendly Meeting Collaboration

Leddura 2Meet focuses on making corporate working life easier. CTOUCH will be adding new features like digital post-its nearly every two months. “The new Leddura 2Meet shows once again our strong commitment to excelling at engaging customers through interactive solutions. We strive continuously to offer everyone a positive experience in the interactive sharing of knowledge in a collaborative meeting environment” said Remmelt van der Woude, CTOUCH CEO.

Maximum Engagement of Meeting Participants

  • 32 touch points for an accurate and smooth touch experience

  • 802.11 AC router with 3x faster transfer speed that gives a better range with less interference

  • HDMI-out

Unparalleled sound and far field microphones brought by JBL

  • Integrated 80w JBL speakers bring LiveStage (virtual) surround sound for fuller and richer experience

  • Integrated far field microphone with Sonique and Voice Logic technology, which recognizes and clearly captures human voices up to 8 metres

The cost-effective logical choice for IT departments

  • Leddura 2Meet works with an open architecture, making it compatible with all commonly used infrastructures.

  • Choose and integrate any online Windows and business apps

  • Videoconferencing based on Skype for Business technology, but with enhanced functionality like SIP, H.323

  • Supports Mobile Device Management

  • Controllable via RS232 or IP

  • Secure environment (encryption) and reliable

  • Updates included

  • Smart energy saving and low energy consumption


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