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Enhance Flexibility in your Microsoft Teams Rooms with ClickShare Automatic Switching

Do you need to host a Zoom call in a Microsoft Teams Room? That can be tricky. Thanks to the newest feature of the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation, you can start any videocall with ease. What is automatic switching all about?

Bu First, What is an MTR?

An MTR or Microsoft Teams Room is a fixed conference room where the pre-installed room-centric solution is Microsoft Teams. So, the meeting room is dedicated to a single videoconferencing platform, Microsoft Teams in this case. This type of room is typically installed in companies that standardize on Microsoft Teams as the preferred video conferencing platform to facilitate conference calls and hybrid meetings from the office.

The Microsoft Teams Room can be powered by Android or by Windows - often offered as preinstalled bundles by different vendors. There are 2 types of MTR setups: a modular setup and an all-in-one collaboration bar.

If you integrate a ClickShare Present or Conference device within an MTR setup, your users can enjoy the simplicity of wireless presentation and improved user experience.

With the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation in particular, users can automatically switch from the fixed room solution, the default MTR setup, to Bring Your Own Meeting experience. With BYOM, users can start a video call from their own device, using any video conferencing platform they prefer, while benefiting from the audio and video setup of the meeting room. In this way, ClickShare brings native interoperability and ultimate flexibility in the fixed videoconferencing room.

ClickShare’s automatic switching is enabled for fixed conference rooms with Window-based modular setups ànd setups with collaboration bars like the Logitech Rally Bar & Rally Bar Mini and the Poly Studio X30, X50 and X70.

Watch Barco's demo on how the automatic switching with ClickShare works.


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