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Exploring the Yealink SmartVision 60: Inclusive, Immersive, and Intelligent

In today's fast-paced business environment, effcient communication and collaboration are crucial for success. The Yealink SmartVision 60 is a cutting-edge video conferencing solution designed to elevate your virtual meetings to a whole new level. We'll dive into the features and benefits of this innovative product, helping you understand how it can transform your communication experience.

The Intelligent 360° All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera for Medium-sized Microsoft Teams Rooms

Take Your Teams Room to A Higher Level of Equity

With the 360° coverage and center-of-the-table perspective, no one in the room will be hidden from view. The all-new 10K camera delivers stunning images. with much more detail even in every crop. Remote attendees can now get a more inclusive meeting experience even when they are not there.

Include Everyone

Introducing the Multi-Stream People Feed feature, which provides individual video feeds of up to four in-room active speakers while showcasing the panoramic view of the room. The feature enables everyone at the conference table to appear front and center on the screen crystal-clear.

Auotmate Your Workflow

The voice and face recognition feature allows remote and in-room participants to connect better by associating names with faces and speeches. Additionally, enjoy automatic speech-to-text transcription with speakers identified by their names.

Ensure Everyone is Heard

With two sets of multi-functional microphones, the SmartVision 60 — an intelligent 360° all-in-one conferencing camera designed for meeting rooms easily covers a 20-foot (6m) audio pickup radius from all angles in medium rooms, as well as supports intelligent audio features.

Control Meetings Hands-Free

Stay connected to remote teams even when you have your hands full. Ask Cortana to join a meeting, send a message, share a file, and more. Embrace the future with seamless Copilot integration, elevating your meetings into effortless and worry-free experiences. Shift your focus towards what truly matters as we take care of the rest.



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